TO: RADM Konieczko SUBJ: Wayfarer Cruise I

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO RADM Konieczko
CC Fleet Command and Staff
FROM CMDR Wallunga
SUBJ Proposal: Wayfarer Cruise I

Dear Admiral Konieczko,

Firstly, congratulations on your promotion to the Upper Half, Sir!

I have finalized my proposed timeline for the cruise I want to conduct with the Wayfarer. I had alluded to a similar thing during our face to face meeting a few days ago, and based on the guidance you have provided, I have adjusted my operational goals. What follows is the rough timeline and objectives that I am looking to meet. Your critique and insight would be most appreciated.

CMDR Tarm Wallunga
Captain, USS Wayfarer

SYNOPSIS: USS Wayfarer departs Deep Space 13 NLT SD 95897 (24 NOV 1800hrs) to conduct a cruise through the Kelterre and Doza Sectors, visitng a number of identified, but not necessarily previously well charted, points of interest.

PURPOSE: This cruise carries two primary objectives, based on specific POI visited during the course of the cruise:
- Reaffirm or update information regarding previously visited or charted POI and/or encountered personalities;
- Produce new information, charts, etc., regarding POI that have yet to be explored, charted or visited.

- 95987: Depart DS13 en route to nearest quadrant of Potters Field anomaly (a point designated as Potter Nav 1 for purposes of this cruise).
- 95912: On station at Potters Field. Conduct new survey of anomaly from safe distance, update and/or replace, as needed, warning buoys surrounding the anomaly.
- 95916: Depart Potter's Field, en route to POI-K-1448.
- 95923: Expected arrival at K-1448. Survey gaseous anomaly to collect more data on this POI, specifically to determine why previous probe data were inconclusive. Chart system and update known records of the system. Estimate one to three days on station.
- 95926 - 95934: Window for departure from K-1448, transit to Potter Nav 1, then onward to POI-D-1788.
- 95950 - 95986: Window of expected arrival at D-1788. Purpose of visit is to conduct long range surveillance of the system from the system's outer edge. Determine updated threat assessment given previous reports of probably pirates and/or pirate base hidden within planetoid clusters. Extreme caution to be used, including Yellow Alert immediately upon arrival in system as well as immediate departure from system if threats are identified (unless escort services become available by the time USS Wayfarer arrives in system). Expect 2-3 days on station, but based on threat assessment it may be less.
- 95956 - 95994: Window for departure from D-1788, en route to POI-D-3681.
- 95969 - 96008: Window for expected arrival in D-3681. System is currently unexplored and as such, USS Wayfarer will spend up to seven days on station surveying and exploring before moving on.
- 95989 - 96027: Window for expected departure from D-3681. En route to POI-D-4005.
- 95994 - 96032: Window for expected arrival at D-4005. System is currently unexplored as as such, USS Wayfarer will spend up to seven days on station surveying and exploring the system before moving on.
- 96013 - 96052: Window for expected departure from D-4005, en route to location of "derelict starbase". Previous encounters in the area suggest the station had been claimed as salvage by non-aligned parties who had the intent to dismantle it. Purpose of our visit will be to ascertain the current status of the station and any other recent changes since USS Ananke last visited. Estimated no more than one day on station.
- 96016 - 96054: Window for expected departure from derelict starbase location. En route to POI-D-1902.
- 96024 - 96063: Window for expected arrival at D-1902. System is currently unexplored and as such, USS Wayfarer will spend up to seven days on station surveying and exploring before moving on. (OOC: Also find out more about "wormhole terminus 3").
- 96043 - 96082: Window for expected departure from D-1902, en route to DS13 for repairs and refit.
- 96078 - 96117: Window of expected return to DeepSpace 13.
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