TO: RADM Perim SUBJ: Kitty Hawk Status

Security Level 1- Unrestricted

TO RADM Perim, N.

SUBJ U.S.S. Kitty Hawk Status


First and foremost let me say it is good to be back to the fleet, and the crew of the Kitty Hawk and myself are looking forward to serving the 38th once more.

I briefly wanted to update you on the status of the Kitty Hawk:

USS Kitty Hawk returned from Deep Space Assignment, and due to extended deployment time was behind on several repairs and required system upgrades.

Work Performed as Follows:

-Warp Core shut down and repair conducted. Warp Core restarted and is performing at nominal levels.
-Forward Phaser Arrays completely replaced. This work was due to Array #2 being destroyed in combat
-Main Shuttle Bay layout altered. It was noticed that large service craft were not able to launch efficiently. New layout should improve this
-Port Nacelle structural integrity repaired. Same was effected due to wear and tear of extended high performance use.
-Interior of ship sanitized by cleaning crews
-All projectiles restocked
-Power relays replaced and new fleet standard relays installed. This was done as scheduled.

A small mishap occurred when the new relays were tested and power was lost on five decks. The problem has been corrected and power restored.

At this time, I offer that the USS Kitty Hawk is fully mission capable and the crew is rested and ready. Ship has left dry dock and assumed station for starbase defense.

Thank you for your time

Captain Lunya Vel
Captain, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk