TO: RAdml Neema Perim

Stardate 93598

FROM CAPT S. Desimone
SUBJ April's Landing Situation

Admiral -
After a brief meeting with the governor of April’s Landing, I’ve been informed that alternate forms of transportation have been scarce, and are likely to remain so. I’m writing to request you authorize an expenditure of Federation resources to pay reputable private companies.

Given their proximity to Risa, the famed generosity of the Risian people, and the fact that so many of these people have had their vacations ruined anyway, it would be remarkable if some kind of deal could be arranged where anyone who is interested could be brought directly to Risa, on which they could spend whatever leisure time they have left, and to and from which billions of people arrange transport daily.

The people of April’s Landing are being extremely kind and generous with their resources and space, and to that end I’d like to be able to assure them some reparations will be made for the inconvenience, once all of this is over with.Can we give them anything to say “thanks”?

Further, I’d like to preemptively request that certain authorized civilian transports be allowed use of the Transwarp Gate at DS13 to hurry people along to their destinations, should Risa prove a bad option.

I intend to give a statement to the colony tomorrow, in conjunction with the governor. Thank you for your attention to this matter, ma’am.

Captain Sara K. Desimone,
CO USS Axiom, NCC 92459
Libra Squadron
TO CAPT Desimone
CC CAPT Quint; CMDR Konieczko;
SUBJ RE: April's Landing Situation

Captain Desimone,

The Risian government has agreed to accept up to half a million refugees per week from Eledri Prime/April's Landing, over the next three weeks. This agreement comes with a number of stipulations that you'll be required to enforce:

Transit from Eledri Prime to April's Landing will continue to be handled by the Eledri Legacy government. From there, your task force will have the additional responsibility of verifying the identity, citizenship, and ultimate destination of each refugee.

Federation Citizens or others with valid transit passes, bound for any location within the Federation may be turned over at your discretion to one of eight civilian vessels contracted to fly exclusively April's Landing->Risa for the next three weeks, not to exceed half a million passengers per week. Temporary accommodations have been arranged on Risa for any who need it, and from there they are free to arrange passage home at their leisure.

  • SS Prosperity
  • SS Fairstar
  • SS Lapland
  • SS Evert's Joy

  • SS Ancylus
  • SS Crusty Jawa
  • SS Tusilr
  • SS Zahel

Non-citizens bound for locations within the Federation may be included in the above group, provided that you have verified their identity and not determined them to be a security risk. All persons bound for locations outside the Federation must continue to be housed at April's Landing until such time as they are able to arrange transportation to their destination, or until the relocations to Risa are complete.

As this operation continues to bring increased civilian traffic to the area, please remain vigilant in your escorts and patrols. The last thing we need is a ship full of refugees being attacked by pirates or worse.

Keep up the good work.

Rear Admiral Neema Perim
Acting Commander, 38th Fleet