TO: Republic Fleet Intelligence [INTERCEPTED]

Caught wind of a drafted memo on the Romulan channels, something about You Know Who. Again. I only managed a partial decryption, but nothing blew up on the Starbase this time so I'm counting this as a win. Clean this up and get it to the brass ASAP.

Romulan SigInt wrote:

TO SubAdmiral [redacted]
CC [redacted]
SUBJ Apprehension of 'D'Kera Mandukar'

Jolan Tru

For the purposes of summarizing recent developments I will be brief. Of course SubCommander t'Veras will be submitting a formal report soon, but with a situation such as this time is rather of the essence.

The situation began, so far as we have been able to determine, with an as-yet nebulous operation on Risa. A single operative, suspected to be Kaeni D'Kyron, was sighted infiltrating a weather control station on the planet Risa. SubCommander Aurelia t'Veras, under escort, pursued the infiltrator at a distance, and once the opportunity presented itself she surveyed the compromised weather station. With the aid of an outside specialist it was determined that a device of Dominion origin was emplaced to relay information on the weather station to an unknown point.

Risian security forces were made aware of this incursion, and the bulk of the follow up investigation was left in their hands. As no proof existed to link D'Kyron, or anyone else, to the act of sabotage, or any sort of true damage done aside from the placement of the devices. The use of Dominion tech was certainly disturbing, but a lack of evidence made drawing any sort of conclusion next to impossible. The eventual 'breakthrough', if it may be called such, came only several days later.

A warbird matching the description of the stolen R.R.W. Vauthilai was detected leaving the Risa system, bound by all indications for Imperial space. At the same time, the Dominion signal was traced to a vessel bearing on a course toward Nimbus III. It was at this time that SubCommander t'Veras alerted Starfleet to the situation and assembled a strike force meant to intercept the shuttle on Nimbus. The signal ultimately led to a relay station in the desert west of Paradise City. The suspect was again sighted, and the decision was made to move on the relay station.

Shots were echanged, but the suspect was incapacitated in an attempt to flee. Investigation of the facility uncovered a number of Tal Shiar agents, apparently killed by the suspect, and a single survivor. Investigation of the suspect revealed them to be, improbable as it may seem, D'Kera Mandukar. Genetic testing as well as eye witness confirmation verified her identity, in spite of D'Kera Mandukar already being in Republic custody. Delivery of the prisoner has in fact confirmed two 'instances' of D'Kera (hereafter dubber D'Kera Prime and D'Kera Alpha) existing concurrently. Current evidence indicates the presence of Dominion implants consistent with cloning techniques used to replicate Vorta, but given D'Kera Prime's last known activity temporal duplication should not be ruled out.

Of note is the Federation Vorta Keth Five, who assisted in the... 'interrogation' of D'Kera Alpha. Following the activation of D'Kera Alpha's termination implant Kth Five assisted in resuscitating D'Kera Alpha for intelligence gathering purposes. The procedure used (WITHOUT FULLY INFORMING SUBCOMMANDER T'VERAS) involved Keth Five 'assimilating' the information contained on D'Kera Alpha's memory implant, ostensibly fitting the D'Kera Alpha persona into her mind along with the prior iterations of herself during her service to the Dominion. Initial signs showed a distinct presence of the D'Kera persona, but this subsided within a few minutes of the conclusion of the procedure.

Continuing surveillance is nonetheless advised.

Centurion [redacted]
[redacted] RRW Arkhiann