To: Sakkhet | Subj: K'Nia

Security Level 1 - Open

TO LCDR Sakkhet
CC --
FROM LT Valore, S.
SUBJ Uniforms - K'Nia

Commander Sakkhet,

It has recently come to my attention via public discourse that a certain Lieutenant K'Nia has been making it a matter of public record that he lacks the proper service uniform. Regardless of whatever reasons the lieutenant has chosen to voice publicly, the intent of this communique is not to cast any blame upon any individual or collective. There are likely several overlapping reasons for this lack of standardization.

However, I find the situation to contain room for increased efficiency and believe that it is best you be informed as it was stated in the public commentary that the duty of providing said uniform falls to the station. I find it necessary you be made aware, as Rear Admiral Konieczko possesses great skill at noticing small details and it would be remiss for him to come upon this lieutenant either in a professional setting or by attending the same venues aboard the station.

Given my prior experience in Operations, I thought it best to inform you before the situation were to worsen for whatever reason. Your efficiency in your operation is agreeable as always.

Lieutenant S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Office of Rear Admiral Konieczko