To: Senior Staff | Subj: Wargames

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO CMDR W. Levesley, LCDR V. Nim, LCDR Sakkhet
CC RADM D. Koniezcko, CAPT B. Ailes
FROM LT S. Valore
SUBJ Wargames

Good day,

With the conditions for the wargames now being more defined, it would be prudent to inform all of you regarding new conditions.

1) The new goal of the wargames will be for the Romulans to reach the Rear Admiral's real office. Entry inside is forbidden by the rules of the wargame, but the moment they reach that door, they win. As a result, Commander Sakkhet - you are to discontinue construction of the fake office. It will no longer be necessary.

2) The Romulans will not be armed. They will instead attempt to remain clandestine and remain stealthed.

3) Normal base activity will not be disrupted.

4) They will not carry anything electronic.

You are free to coordinate amongst yourselves. I will have more information for you soon.

LT S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Office of the Rear Admiral

OOC: There's still a little more stuff to do w/ Aev before the full conditions are made. For now, feel free to work together and within your departments to make all preparations necessary for the wargames.