TO: Starbase Command Staff CC: Admiral Neema Perim

RE: Request for disciplinary action.

Last night at the Starlight Cantina, chief Nethali Aster engaged in further behavior prejudical to good discipline and moral when she verbally accosted Commander Nymas t'Neral from a distance of about one fourth of a meter, in a blatant attempt to provoke an altercation with an allied Commander. When I intervened, she was, once more, incredibly insubordinate and unrepentant, telling me to "keep digging ma'am" before brandishing some kind of recording device.

It seems she's decided that me calling her out several weeks ago for her poor conduct is evidence that I have some kind of problem with the enlisted personnel, for which she intends to expose me.

She refused to leave when twice prompted.

It should also be said that the response of the security officer someone called for left a lot to be desired, as he didn't seem particularly interested in taking the matter seriously, and seemed to be under the impression that since Nymas is part of a different CoC, that it didn't matter much that she was insulting him.

It bears further mentioning that Dr. Pohl intervened on her behalf, and argued in her favor when the security guard arrived, suggesting that her saying "mean words" didn't merit a response.

I dearly hope that these misconceptions about what behavior is and is not allowed might be cleared up with this potential example. Out of uniform does not mean free of standards, or consequences. My suggestion is for her to be stripped of her commission.

Signed -
Sara Desimone, CO USS Axiom.
Stardate 93285.1

TO CAPT Desimone; CDR Nymas; CMDR Pohl; CPO Aster; CPO Laro
CC RDML Perim; CDR-GEN Rellir; CAPT Lazard; CMDR Theissen; CMDR Caspius; CMDR Kozath
SUBJ RE: Request for disciplinary action

Officers and Enlisted,

I want everyone to know two things, right off the bat. First, I take all reports of this nature extremely seriously. Secondly, I fully intend to get all sides of this situation on the record.

I will be talking with each of you individually, on the record to hear any grievances out, listen to any explanations, and gather witness statements from all parties involved. What I will not be doing it using the authority of my position to sort out anything remotely petty. So I hope that isn't the case here, regardless I intend to find out what this is all about and how it will be handled.

If you have evidence, witnesses not addressed or otherwise important details about this situation, please bring that information to me when I speak with you.

A serious charge has been made not only about CPO Aster's conduct, but of the conduct of my security officer and CMO.

This will be addressed,


Captain Andre Freeman
Station Commander
Deep Space Thirteen