To: Task Force Argo - Continuing Education programs, Cadet Programs, Care of Starfleet Academy.

Greetings officers! And cadets, civilians, assorted aliens. All of yah.

In an effort to expand and offer RP, I'd like to bring to your attention... the Starfleet Academy RP event. I tend to do these events as part of an ongoing long-term RP project centered around cadets being trained, tested and molded into Starfleet Officers.

If you've the interested, I am available here and in-game to discuss the setting up of such events. Be they weekly or one-offs, I am looking to bring RP to the STO RP community.

I'm also looking for staff in limited numbers to help run stories, as well as cadets in numbers numerous.

To clarify for all those who are unaware, Dia'lyta is from Storytellers and plays Limi, a Lieutenant Commander who works as an Academy Adjunct. He is interested in augmenting our current cadet RP with some additional structure, so for those of you who have cadet chars... this is the thread to chat on about what you'd like to see / get in on.
Cadet zarlav reporting for duty. Just tell me where and when you want to hold any engineering related training events.
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Unless this ends up being set at the alpha hour i guess i can try to bring Nirrae along.
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My apologies if this concept feels like its stalling out. I'm still in the planning of how to handle more cadets outside of Storytellers RP channels and writing down a few weeks worth of RP session prompts. Life has popped its head up, so the process might be slow... but I am working hard to be able to offer a decent Academic experience. :)