To: The entirety 38th Fleet and assets. SUB: The Liberation of the Trian Colony.

TO: All planned participants.
CC: Khre'Enriov Tokkra tr'Rehu, Vice Admiral Rilem Celes
FROM: Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
SUBJECT: Trian Liberation, Rator Sector

Members of the 38th fleet and attachment,

You honor me with taking notice of this communication. I have spread several words of an operation with some of you that involves the taking of a planet in the Rator sector block. This sector block is in the middle of a conflict between the remnants of the treacherous imperial forces and our own Republic. Due to political and military stratagems one of the most populated Republic colonies in the sector has been invaded. A thousand colonist have now been taken from their freedom and their right to be part of the Republic.

Therefor, with the help of both the Federation and Republic forces, this fleet will launch an assault against the empire in the sector and the Trian system. A liberation will take place this saturday. I hereby call upon the services of all available vessels and personnel. As the Admirality has approved this operation, I expect all assets to work for this alliance. Not only is this a republican matter. The Federation also border with this Empire, if we strike hard and true, we will show them our combined passion to defend.

Two hours after the Gamma shift start all personnel is requested to meet myself and Colonel Zala, main ground combatant coordinator, in the meeting room upon the Promenade. There we will brief all members to the operation on the tactical plan. We require both vessels and ground combatants.


Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
Commander Officer R.R.W. Caelis
Republic Federation Detachment
Deep Space 13 - 38th Fleet 'Argo'

///Attachement: Foundry Event Rules (( Read this, live by it.))
///Attachement: Idiotic Imperials
///Attachement: Republic Intelligence

I will be offering people the chance to come RP at 7 P.M. Central European Saturday the 12th. If you can not come or have an ALT that you want to let participate in the event, please post below. You can join this group if you can not play at Gamma+2. I have 3 open spots, this will be for people that can not come first, yet if that is not full alts are permitted.

This is basically what Kermit has in his Foundry Event Rules page, but I put it here for clarity.

Easy set of Rules
  • Be on time, If it says 2 hours after gamma, be there two hours after gamma if you want to get to know everything. I am not going to recap everything, plus doing that in the OOC channel for everyone gets quite cluttered.
  • Involve yourself as well. It is an event for the entire fleet. It are themes that revolve slightly around my character, but come with ideas, no matter who you are. A counselor can have a good idea for triage and an intelligence officer can suggest something about radio frequencies.
  • The foundries will be level 16 or up. So be that, it is your own responsibility to find the missions at the time. I will send each team their foundry and you will have to figure it out yourself.
  • You have 45 minutes for the foundry mission. This means you have plenty time to RP everything. Don't rush through the dialogue.
I'll be there.
TO Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
CC Khre'Enriov Tokkra tr'Rehu
FROM Admiral Rilem
SUBJ Trian Liberation, Rator Sector[/size]

Commander Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae,

The resources of the fleet are stretched tight with the current Iconian assaults and pirate attacks, but we will do as much as possible to put forth resources to support this mission.

The Fleet will be taking some tactical risk with our freighter escorts during this time to put forth as much combat power as we can towards taking back planet for the Republic.

Good luck,
((Once more. If anyone can not make Gamma+2 and wants to join the earlier foundry map, please contact me as soon as possible.))
I should be able to join if it is on a friday or saturday. Cant find a date for this anywhere.
Saturday, Mhm. I listed in the post and it's on the calender.
Right, its just that gamma is sometimes used to refer to that time of day as well. Better to make sure.
TO: Commander Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae, Office of Vice Admiral Rilem Celes and Fleet Captain Neema Perim
FROM: Captain Chance Wilson
CC: Office of MACO Operations DS13
SUB: Trian Liberation, Rator Sector


Due to the nature of the upcoming mission I have gathered the entire complement of Titanic's MACO's and additional requisition of heavy equipment from DS K-7. This memo is to let you know what Titanic will be bringing.


  • 490 MACO Battalion Marines
  • 1 AMX-1A5 Heavy Assualt Tank
  • 4 A1T-9A APC's
  • 2 Excalibur Heavy Phaser Artillery Pieces
  • 5 Yellowstone Shuttle Craft, 2 Delta Class Shuttle's, 7 Class 7 Shuttle's, 12 Peregrine Fighters (Combat Drop)

Pending review of the pre-battle planning meeting these resources will be put forward for use by all participating forces.

Captain Ricky Chance Wilson, Commanding
U.S.S. Titanic NCC-91912
United Federation of Planets, 38th Fleet "Argo", Deep Spacestation 13
TO: Captain Wilson
CC: Khre'Enriov Tokkra tr'Rehu, Vice Admiral Rilem Celes
FROM: Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
SUBJECT:RE: Trian Liberation, Rator Sector


I thank you for the resources list. We have had this information prior to your communication due to intelligence and the starbase opertaions, yet we thank you for the clarification. Your detachment will fall under the same command structure as told before, Commander Zela will be your main point of contact, wherein she contacts me.

On the ground I expect your forces to join the main assault while the arial operations are to defend the troops on the two planet side fronts we are going to push.

That is all,


Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
Commander Officer R.R.W. Caelis
Republic Federation Detachment
Deep Space 13 - 38th Fleet 'Argo'
TO:Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
FROM:Erei'Riov Davin Mandukar
SUBJECT: Trian Liberation, Rator Sector

Erei'Riov Mrian,

I regret that we have not become better acquainted. We soldiers of the Republic find our strength in unity. It is with that in mind that I pledge to you the full capabilities of my vessel and my command.

My Uhlan have proven themselves in the heat of battle. My fighters bloodied their talons in the Dyson Sphere. I offer you my blade and my expertise for the good of this mission and for the good of our brothers and sisters in the clutches of the Star Empire.

R.R.W. D'Ishae Support Capacity
-4 Airborne Assault Fireteams
-12 Scorpion Attack Fighters
-4 Tiercel Heavy Gunships
-2 Kestrel Runabouts

These assets are yours to utilize as you see fit.

Erei'Riov Davin
Captain, R.R.W. D'Ishae
TO: Erei'Riov Davin Mandukar
FROM: Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
SUBJECT:RE: Trian Liberation, Rator Sector

Shaoi dan Erei'Riov,

You honor me with your dedication to the cause my passion drives me towards. Such respect will be taken in high regard by s'Illiahlae. You're forces will be used to the fullest extend of their ability and I hope to battle with them side by side. I will put most of your forces on the village that we will assault. The colonists will be less distressed by liberation from their own kinsmen.

I hope to meet you privately before the assault.


Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
Commander Officer R.R.W. Caelis
Republic Federation Detachment
Deep Space 13 - 38th Fleet 'Argo'
I'd like to thank everyone for showing up. If you have any foundry tips or comments please send me a message. I am keeping them up for 2 more weeks. To then delete them and start working on my new foundries.