TO: USS Midway Crew | SUBJ: New Executive Officer

To: @USS.Midway
From: CAPT Vel, Lunya
Subj: New Executive Officer

Good Evening Crew,

I would like to formally welcome our new Executive Officer, Commander Tala Akaela! She comes to us with a plethora of experience, and an eagerness to serve aboard our amazing ship, and with a talented and exceptional crew such as yourselves! Please help make her feel welcome aboard, and I look forward to working directly with her to help uphold the excellent standards that this ship is known for! All changes have been made to duty rosters and access codes.

I would also like to say a farewell to Commander Iba, as she departs for Starbase 1, and the next step in her career! The entire crew wishes her all the best!

Lunya Vel
Commanding Officer,
USS Midway NCC-90133-B