TO: Valore, S. | SUBJ: Congratulations

To: CMDR. @Valore, S.
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From: CAPT Konieczko, D.
Subj: Congratulations

Commander Valore,

Word has reached me of your appointment to Executive Officer of Deep Space 13. I wish to impart my sincerest congratulations to you. Your steadfast commitment to excellence in duty, administration and the sound operation of the fleet combined with your mind leave me to firmly believe that you will thrive in your newfound position. Captain Varley is a fine Captain and was my squad leader when I first came to the 38th fleet. I have no doubt that as her number two you yourself will have a command in no time should you choose.

If you will allow me to reminisce; I still remember when you first came to my office on temporary duty, I could recognize those traits even then and have thoroughly enjoyed watching your career progress. I am proud of what you have accomplished and look forward to seeing you excel further.

Captain Dmitri Konieczko
Commanding Officer,
USS Sentinel


To: CAPT Konieczko, D.
From: CMDR Valore
Subj: RE: Congratulations

You are remarkably full of it when it serves your interests.

Thank you.

Commander Valore
Executive Officer
Deep Space 13