To: Varley | SUBJ: Request for Temporary Quarters

To: CAPT Varley, L. ((@Lauren))
CC: AMB. Perim, N.
From: CAPT. Konieczko, D.
Subj: Request for Temporary Quarters

Captain Varley,

Some days ago the SS Kihai docked with Deep Space 13 in the pursuit of repairs and to ferry 5 Irreo individuals looking to hold diplomatic meetings with the Federation.

The first of these meetings have taken place with Ambassador Perim here on Deep Space 13 however it looks like it may be at the current rate an elongated conversation. To that end I would request on their behalf, and as offered by Ambassador Perim quarters to be arranged for these individuals for the time that they are here at Deep Space 13. Currently they are residing on a hospital ship converted from an old T’liss class. Not exactly the best situation, and should there need to be quick access to them it can then exist.

Let me know and I’ll forward information to the Kihai’s captain to transfer them aboard.

Captain Dmitri Konieczko
Commanding Officer,
USS Sentinel


To: CAPT. Konieczko, D.
CC: AMB. Perim, N.
From: CAPT Varley, L.
Subj: Request for Temporary Quarters

Captain, certainly. Delegation Suite 5 on deck 076 is available and should be sufficient for 5 persons. Currently it’s in standard configuration, I recall the Irreo have certain distinct auditory specifications which should be a non-issue. But it’s been a while since the last time I read anything about the Irreo people. I’ll have a quartermaster from Ops drop by after the delegates have moved in to see about any special requests.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, Deep Space 13
38th Fleet ‘Argo’