To: Vordai | Subj: Political Opportunity

TO Vordai
CC --
FROM S. Valore
SUBJ Political Opportunity

Subcommander Vordai,

I trust all is well with you? Did you enjoy the desserts my father sent me a few months ago?

If the answer to that condition is in the affirmative, I have an opportunity I would care to bring to you. There is an art auction aboard Deep Space 13 and one of the exhibits has caught the eye of Rear Admiral Konieczko. He has already pulled the resources of his social network to acquire funding to outbid what personal funds I had.

I shall be perfectly clear in my goal. He desires to destroy me, and I intend to reciprocate in kind. That painting shall be mine, and I fully intend to deprive him of it. If you and your associates could provide me with the monetary liquidity necessary to challenge the Admiral, I would desire to return the favor.

The Admiral's social network among senior officers is significant, but I suspect his contacts are severely lacking among the Romulan detachment. A mistake of his I have no intention of replicating.

As it happens, I am currently on leave to deal with a familial matter. Did you enjoy my father's baking? I possess absolute certainty that my father would find it absolutely agreeable to create desserts to your liking and preferences.

Live long and prosper.

Lieutenant S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Office of Rear Admiral Konieczko