Transfer Request: Callahan, Elizabeth L.

TO: CMDRE Ashworth; DS13 Administration; ADM Kererek; New Romulus High Command
FROM: CENT Callahan

To all concerned,

Pursuant to my status as a dual Federation/Romulan citizen and Section 104-9 Subsection 3 Paragraph 1 of the Khitomer Treaty on Cooperation and Aid to the Romulan Republic I am requesting a transfer of my current station to a posting on the Starfleet Deep Space 13 station. SubCommander Davin Mandukar and Commander Kyle Callahan can verify my request and provide any required documentation as to my service status, citizenship, and ability to perform my duties.

I await your reply.

~ E. Lir Callahan

TO: CENT Callahan; Romulan-Starfleet Joint Task Force Personnel Division; CAPT Perim
FROM: Deep Space 13 Admin Office
SUBJECT: Assignment Changes Approval

Centurion Callihan,

Posting approved. Please report to starbase command to finalize reassignment.

Also, please check with starbase medical to ensure your inoculations are current for starbase assignment.

Lt Jal'Shan
Admin Officer
Task Force Argo

Stardate 91074.1

TO: CENT Callahan, RRW D'Ishae

RE: Transfer Request: Callahan, Elizabeth L.

Centurion Callahan,

I've received your approved transfer request from Task Force Administration. Pending final approval from Republic Command, please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss your posting and accommodations aboard station. I look forward to meeting you in person. Welcome to DS13.

Captain Neema Perim
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Thirteen


TO: CENT Callahan
CC: CMDRE Ashworth; DS13 Admin
FROM: SubAdmiral tr'Haesir


It is always a sad occasion to lose one of our own. That said, I am sure that you will prove a worthy Starfleet officer as well as another tether between our two peoples. On behalf of Admiral Kererek I grant your transfer request.

Know that we will always have a place for you in the Republic.

~Tenij tr'Haesir, SADM, Joint Operations