Transfer Request - Captain Mel'lanie Kar'enil D'vichric

To: Captain Coby Morton
From: Captain Mel'lanie Kar'enil D'vichric
CC: Counselor Katriel
Subject: Transfer Request

Sir, it is my pleasure to communicate with you once more. In the small chance that you have forgotten, I am Captain Mel'lanie D'vichric of the Terran Empire, an organization not unlike the Federation of Planets, although mine is from an alternate reality where certain specific events in our past led to different outcomes. I am attaching my dossier (dossier), which I have updated personally and had approved by Starfleet Command.

Upon my recent release from debriefing and testing at Starfleet Command, I have been given the opportunity to select a number of assignments to which I have been qualified for. The senior command staff at Command has authorized me to maintain my Monbosh-class Elachi Battleship, as well as my crew that had accompanied me from my universe. The full capabilities of both my ship and my crew will be included and submitted to you upon request. Their capabilities are not unlike those commonly found in Starfleet personnel, however our capabilities as a unit and crew are more aggressive and geared towards conflict than your own. Therefore, it was the decision of my crew and I to formally join Starfleet. We have successfully passed each and every test Command has given us, sometimes surpassing them with flying colors. I shall not hide facts from you, however, as there have been incidents of aggressiveness concerning my crew, sometimes during training excersises, sometimes off duty. They are, however, a very disciplined group and will not act against orders.

It is my desire, and the desires of my crew, to be stationed with Task Force Argo personnel, as they were the initial Starfleet personnel we first encountered. I anxiously await confirmation or denial of this request. Thank you.

Mel'lanie Kar'enil D'vichric
Captain, I.S.S. Bastion
Stardate 90569.1

TO: Captain Mel'lanie Kar'enil D'vichric
FROM: Jal'Shan, DS13 Administration
CC: CAPT Morton, Coby, Starfleet Assignments Office
SUBJECT: RE: Transfer Request

Captain D'vichric,

Your request has been approved, pending a meeting with the Task Force Intel Team reference Classification Restrictions on Mirror Universe Crews. Your orders have been submitted to the Assignment office and will be official in 24 hours. Please make way to the Deep Space 13 station and report for duty and your intel briefing

Lt Jal'Shan
Admin Officer
Task Force Argo

TO: CAPT. Mel'lanie Kar'enil D'vichric
CC: CDORE. Randal Ashworth; Deep Space Thirteen Administration; Eta Eridani Sector Command;
FROM: CAPT. Coby Morton
STARDATE: 90572.1
SUBJECT: RE: Transfer Request

It's certainly been quite a few months, Captain. I must confess it's perhaps a little warming to have you make the request to return to our sector of space, and have yourself and your vessel assigned to the Task Force. While I still house concerns for the integration of the Federation and the Terran Empire aboard Deep Space Thirteen, it would be inaccurate to state that within the past 6 months the crew here haven't had their fair share of practice. With the introduction of several members from your universe, we've been able to extend a hand open towards a number of those seeking refuge with us, and having documented evidence of your ability, I have no worries that you'll perhaps be of some beacon, such as others already here, to those seeking future asylum. As you have brought up, the aggressiveness between your crew could bring about slight issue, especially within yours and their time about the station. With this in mind however, they shall be treated exactly as they would if they had trained from Starfleet Academy, and their behavior as such will not be tolerated if they proceed through and above the security boundaries/regulations already set.

I just wanted to offer my congratulations, Captain, and hope that you'll allow me to extend it over your crew. Adapting to a sudden change in relations with certain techniques, operation parameters and general procedure can't have been an instantly easy move, and being able to pass as well as you all did, that's certainly an impressive feat, to which I'd be honored to have such officers serving along side me and the rest of the crew here inside the Task Force. Reading through here, I want to echo what has been noted by personnel and administration, due to the circumstances surrounding your position within the Federation, security restrictions are to be placed around specific sections of Fleet Wide Intelligence and over a few other factors. This is of course standard practice as I'm sure you've been previously briefed on it anyway, so I hope you and your crew don't take it too personally.

On a more personal note, I've found myself coming to know quite a few people from the Terran Empire as of late, and wanted to just offer my door if there grows any issues that you'd rather keep between as little people as possible. Though as you've spent quite the time with us out here already, along with your time at Starfleet Command, I'm totally confident that there will be little instances of note. With that all said, following your arrival aboard Deep Space Thirteen and your initial intelligence briefing, I'd like if you could report to my office as soon as you complete the transfer.

I'm looking forward to your arrival, Captain.

Captain Coby Morton
Starbase Commander
Deep Space Thirteen