Transfer Request to JAG Office

To: @38th.Command
CC: @38th.JAG
From: CMDR Blake, K.
Subj: Transfer to JAG


I am writing to express my interest in joining the 38th Fleet Argo Judge Advocate General department as a legal officer. With the U.S.S. October (NCC-90197-A) being transferred to the Fourth Fleet, and a new command staff being installed, I am requesting a transfer to another position within the 38th Fleet to maintain the familiarity and structure I am accustomed to. I acknowledge in making this request, I am also turning down my offer of command command of the U.S.S. Xerxes (NCC-94305), attached to the Fourth Fleet.

I am passionate about justice and the rule of law, and I believe that I can contribute to the success of the JAG office. I am eager to learn from the experienced and talented members of the department and I am also flexible and adaptable, willing to take on any challenge and responsibility that may arise.

I have a strong background in law enforcement, with a recently completed degree in Federation Law. I am now seeking my next challenge. During my service as both a Security Officer and most recently as the Executive Officer of the U.S.S. October, I have been exposed to various cases involving disciplinary action, administrative review, and seeking legal advice, which I believe will give me a solid foundation to build upon as a member of the JAG department.

Commander Kara Blake
Commanding Officer,
USS October


To: CMDR Blake
CC: @38th.JAG
From: VADM Aluk
Subj: RE: Transfer to JAG

Commander Blake,

I have been informed by the personnel office that you have agreed to the stipulations imposed by transfer to a staff position.

Effective this date you are administratively reduced in rank to Lieutenant Commander, without loss of seniority or standing. You are ordered to relinquish command of USS October to Commander, Starfleet 4th Fleet.

Your transfer to the Judge Advocate General’s Corps has been processed and approved. You are ordered to report to the 38th Fleet JAG Office and report to Commander Halsing for assignment.

Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: LCDR Blake
CC: @38th.JAG
From: CMDR Halsing
Subj: Welcome to Justice Junction

Commander Blake,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to DS13’s JAG branch and I do look forward to working with you. While I’m sure you did excellent work in DS13 Security and other positions, your qualifications for working in a JAG office are yet to be demonstrated, so be aware that you will not be heading up any formal cases until I have ample evidence to suggest that you can handle it.

To that end, you should consider yourself at the disposal of every other JAG officer currently working on a case who asks for any level of assistance. (Yes, even if it’s getting them a raktajino.)

I have gone ahead and procured permission and clearance for you to periodically shadow the assigned prosecutors who are working on what I believe would be educational cases for you to observe. Please feel free to contact them with your availability.

  • LT Leath (B’aja Archaeological Society vs DS13 Cultural Preservation Society)
  • LCDR McRaven (Starfleet Medical vs Zheranos Bloodworks)
  • LCDRs Geneva and th’Koro (Starshine Cleaning Services vs Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA), Nebula 9 Mattress Retailers vs FCA, Zephyr and Sons vs FCA, Vanilla or Bust vs FCA)
  • CMDR Harris (Starfleet Command vs VADM Ashkeph)

Beyond that, make sure you become familiar with every aspect of the various tasks we do, with especial focus on legal assistance and advice to officer members and families, legal reviews on implemented regulations, policies and procedures, contract review and procurement between Starfleet and third parties, property damage and personal injury claims and other tort-related matters, and ethics compliance. (Yes, we do in fact advise on that.)

My office hours are up to date on the fleet scheduler if you have any questions.

CMDR Halsing, Jodie
Judge Advocate
38th Fleet, DS13