Treasury Guard


The Treasury Guard is the defense force of the Ferengi Alliance. Their warships were used to patrol important trade routes, protect business interest abroad, and the territorial integrity of the Alliance. The Ferengi, however, did not hold military service in high esteem, with many believing that those who join this field had failed in commercial ventures. Whilst this was the case, the wealth of the Ferengi had allowed them to buy an entire fleet of warships which were the most modern in the Quadrant and there were known to be lucrative enlistment bonuses in the military. This had the effect of luring many competent officers as well as crew which made the Alliance military into a respectable fighting force. Whilst the Ferengi were quite capable of employing mercenaries to supplement their forces, they had never had the need or desire to do so.

The jurisdiction of the military was purely extraplanetary with them possessing no authority to act on Ferenginar itself. Though the Ferengi were not a war-like race, it was believed that the Alliance's military was strong enough to challenge larger empires such as the Federation. In fact, Starfleet had judged that Ferengi Marauder-class vessels were near equal in power to that of a Galaxy-class starship.

Notable events:

In 2376, the Treasure Guard led the defense of Ferenginar against an Orion attack.

The Battle of Prexnak, between the Ferengi and Lytasians, was the most important battle in Ferengi History.

A similar operation was undertaken in 2374 between the Ferengi and Dominion, the only "encounter" the two powers had during the Dominion War.