U.S.S. Ajilon, NCC-19107


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U.S.S. Ajilon

The U.S.S. Ajilon (NCC-19107) is a Federation Soyuz-class starship operated by Starfleet. Taken out of fleet reserve and overhauled, the Ajilon was redesigned with specialized sensor to counter the Klingon Empire’s wide use of cloak capable warships and tactics. She was later repurposed for detailed exploration and survey missions and occasional counter piracy or smuggling operations.

Service History

The Ajilon was original constructed in 2271 as the U.S.S. Seid for use in patrolling the Federations more distant colonies from raiders. His two sensor pods allowed him to detect vessels at a longer range allowing him to intercept and engage with a heavy weapons compliment of then state-of-the-art phaser emitters and two turret heavy emitters. However the Seid was retired in the late 2280’s with the last of the Soyuz class as more advanced ships were put into service. Instead of be scrapped, the Seid was placed in mothball.

In the 2350’s the Seid was brought out of mothball and given a overhaul to update it’s computer and weapons systems and placed into service for patrols along the neutral zone. During the following years of service, the Seid received several refits in order to keep it relatively update to date, which enabled him to serve effectively in the Dominion War as a skirmisher and support vessel. After the war, Starfleet no longer saw a need for the Seid was placed back into mothball at the behest of him captain.

In 2401 Starfleets need for ships grew once more as the Klingons pressed their attacks and so the Seid was once again called back into service. He was overhauled and re-christened as the U.S.S. Ajilon with a new registry of 19107. He was re-designed to detect and flush out the cloaked klingon warships with his new suit of specialized sensors and spatial charges, like the destroyers and destroyer escorts of old earth during World War 2 when they hunted and destroyed U-Boats. During that war and through to the Iconian war, the Ajilon received refits to keep his now venerable space-frame in shape.

In 2420, The Ajilon received his last overhaul and was placed on one final tour of duty with Starfleet’s 38th Fleet.

Technical Data


243 m
183 m
74 m

Habitable Decks:
Crew Complement:
Emergency Cap.:
Avg. Cruising Spd:
Max. Cruising Spd:
Maximum Spd:
Warp 6.2
9.5 for 8 hours
x6 Type-X dual phaser emitters (3 ventral forward, 3 dorsal forward), x4 Type-X single phaser emitters (2 ventral aft, 2 dorsal aft.), x1 multi-purpose launcher (Various probes and spatial charges)
-FSS-3 Bubble Shielding System
Auxiliary Craft:
x8 Type-6 Shuttlecraft, x2 Denube Class Runabout, x6 Workbees

The Ajilon was initially designed as a long-range patrol craft for distant federation colonies with the original type-VI phaser emitters, two turret mounted heavy phaser emitters, and two long-range multi-function sensors pods. The subsequent refits mainly updated the operating systems and the phaser emitters with little change in the ship itself. The overhaul in 2401 after being recalled saw it’s two sensors pods replaced with more advanced multi-spectrum, multi-band sensors pods and two more replaced the two turreted heavy phaser emitters. A single launch was also installed for use of specialized survey probes to aid in the detection of concealed vessels and spatial charges to help flush them out. The overhaul also included a complete redesign on the interior layout to be compatible with more modern energy systems and the latest starfleet construction codes. The hull mounted primary phaser emitters remained largely the same, just update to provide a more powerful output so the Ajilon would be able to defend himself.

Roleplaying Information

The Ajilon’s specialized sensor suit allows it to search for and detect cloaked or otherwise well hidden vessels or installations. Besides the probes and spatial charges, the Ajilon has no torpedo launch capabilities, forcing him to largly depend on his phasers for self-defense and the larger firepower of accompanying vessels. Consequently, the sensors made the Ajilon well suited to conduct in-depth exploration and surveying missions. However the Ajilon’s limited warp and impulse capabilities
prevent him from taking part in long range explorations.