U.S.S. Albion

Originally constructed and launched on earthdate 2285, the Albion was a Miranda Class vessel that saw continuing service in Starfleet for over 120 years. Primarily regulated to transport, medical, and small scale science exploration missions, in her later years saw more postings as a border patrol ship. The original vessel is currently under review for re-purposing as a mobile Federation and starfleet museum akin to the United States Air Craft Carrier Intrepid on Earth and the Constitution Class iteration of the USS Hood.

In 2285 the USS Albion NCC-2979-A was constructed in the Copernicus Shipyards on Luna, seeing three extensive refits throughout her service career in 2344, 2386, and 2399. The Nebula Class Albion-B was constructed by re-purposing the Honshu (NCC-60205) which was originally constructed to replace the original Nebula Vessel lost in the Dominion war, but never saw service. The Albion-D was constructed at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and launched alongside the Enterprise F and other Odyssey Class vessels in 2411. The Albion dedication plaque reads, “Semper Peratus.”

2285 In response to various losses such as of the Miranda Vessel U.S.S. Reliant and others, a plan is drawn up to hastily build and send into service various new Light Cruisers into the fleet. The U.S.S. Albion is constructed alongside of various other Miranda and Constellation class vessels, such as the U.S.S. Hathaway. Her first Captain is Zebadiah Barbarossa.

2287 The Albion is posted along the Klingon/Federation border due to increased tensions in the area.

2290 Despite hazardous circumstances and a volatile political situation, the Albion comes to the aid of a Klingon Cruiser. This move is said to have garnished the respect of the Klingon Captain, who exchanged his belt as a gift to Captain Barbarossa.

2293 Khitomer Accords are signed after the destruction of the Klingon Moon of Praxis, Captain Barbarossa volunteers the Albion to aid with relief efforts. The Empire however refuses all efforts of aid from the Federation.

2294 Albion is reassigned from the Klingon border, and works supporting federation colonies in the Alpha quadrant.

2300 At the turn of the century the Albion is one of many ships selected to depart on a 5 year exploration cruise in the Beta Quadrant.

2305 The Albion returns from her exploration crew, suffering a total of 5 casualties and 2 births.

2306 Albion returns to active local duty in the Alpha Quadrant.

2308 Due to her substantial record, the Albion is one of a few vessels selected to explore the border areas near Romulan space. Most of her assignments are identifying cloaked mine fields.

2311 Is one of the nearby vessels involved with support efforts in the aftermath of the Tomed Incident, as a result she is also involved with the construction and signing of the Treaty of Algeron. Captain Barbarossa takes an active role in the formation and signing of the federation related aspects of the treaty.

2312 After the signing of the Treaty of Algeron, and near 30 years as the ship's Captain, Zebadiah Barbarossa resigns from Starfleet, choosing to end on a "high note." He leaves various mementos of his captaincy aboard as a gift to the next Captain, Sidney "El Cid" Willows, before leaving Starfleet and then disappearing altogether in a shuttle last seen with a heading towards the Beta Quadrant.

2314 The Albion is involved in a violent confrontation with a group of Orions. While officially documented as an encounter with pirates, Captain Willows is placed under review.

2315 Captain Willows and her ship are made members of an Anti-Piracy task force, Captain Willows quickly becomes one of the more infamous among the orion Syndicate.

2319 Captain Willows' second review after an incident involving a breach of the Prime Directive, and another following an unproved assault on a merchant fleet.

2321 The Albion is involved with a large scale operation countering a pirate fleet in the Orion Sector, Captain Willows is listed as MIA after a ground assault. Tellerite Captain Greeves takes command.

2340 After 15 years the anti-piracy task force is dissolved, citing successful conclusion of operations. After years of chasing small frigates and shuttles, the Albion is regulated general support operations in the Sirius Block.

2344 The Albion undergoes an extensive refit via contract by Yoyodyne at 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards and re-launched on stardate 22519.5 along with other refit and newly minted Miranda Class vessels, such as the U.S.S. Brattain. Her first Captain post refit is Eric Richardson.

2349 Eric Richardson is listed as MIA by his senior staff after an away team mission to an uncharted world and the ships first officer, Commander Guy assumes temporary Command. Command is relinquished to new Captain V'near.

2352 Captain V'near falls victim to a rare mutation in a disease being treated by the crew during a routine quarantine. They and 3 other Vulcans aboard die before a cure is found. Command of the vessel is given to Captain Aaron Flint.

2372 After 20 years in command of the Albion and a total of 50 years in various command chairs, Captain Flint retires at the venerable age of 92 and Captain Intari assumes command of the Albion.

2386 Due to concerns of performance after over 100 years in service, the Albion goes through an extensive refit and overhaul. The ship's systems are all brought to current standards, as well as the crew compliment is expanded from 45 to a full 100 active duty personnel.

2389 The Albion is placed on active duty to reinforce the Romulan-Klingon boarder. Captain Intari is cited for outstanding diplomacy in preventing three skirmishes, as well as negative citations for his persistence to break from border patrol in order to perform scientific exploration excursions.

2391 The Albion is among the ships called away from the Romulan border, she is also reassigned in order to help defend civilian vessels under attack by pirate raiders.

2396 Captain Intari steps down as Commanding officer of the Albion and his First Officer, Commander Garret Remoi, is promoted to Captain.

2399 Captain Remoi officially opposes an attempted decommission of the Albion A. After taking part in a war game to prove her continued viability as a Federation vessel Captain Remoi succeeds and the Albion, as well as many other light cruisers, go under refit as a result.

2403 USS Albion is involved in a border skirmish and requires repairs at spacedock.

2405 The Albion is officially called on to serve as a line ship on the Klingon front. She primarily runs transport, support, and medical missions; with slight excursions for scientific investigations.

2406 Captain Remoi is one of 8 Captains who's ships are assigned to a Diplomatic Task Force involved in a Special First Contact Mission in the Paulson Nebula with a group of spacefairing humanoids referring to themselves as the Kai. Due to the interference of a Klingon Cadre the Task Force takes heavy losses and the Albion is the only survivor. Captain Remoi is cited for extreme bravery and command under fire, saving 600 individuals from the other 7 vessels, as well as his Diplomacy in the following aftermath involving the meeting. He gives a personal recommendation for one of the Kai to be admitted to Starfleet Academy.

2409 The detection of Borg in federation space results in the recalling of numerous vessels, including the Albion.

2409 - Early At the Battle of Vega, Captain Remoi and the ship's senior staff are killed or abducted by attacking Borg. Only two low ranking officers avoid the attack due to being assigned by the Captain to join the relief efforts aboard the USS Khitomer; Ensigns Johnathon Traise and Sel'lik Onihill. Do to his listing on the roster as "Scientific Yeoman" Ensign Traise becomes ranking officer and assumes command of the ship. After the battle, the newly promoted Lieutenant Traise is among the names listed by Admiral Quinn for permanent posting as Active Captain.

2409 - Mid After completing the term of its active duty on the Klingon Front under the command of Acting Captain Traise, the 120 year old vessel is no longer considered viable for active duty in the escalating conflicts facing starfleet. The Miranda class vessel is officially mothballed and work begins on the retrofitting of an old Nebula Class science vessel to replace her. Acting Captain Traise and his command staff join the NX Ship Program.

2409 - Late Again under the command of Acting Captain, Traise (at this time a Commander), the Nebula Class U.S.S. Albion - B is launched into direct service on the Romulan front. After a very successful tour she is slated for full refit using a supply of dilithium discovered while on duty. Commander Traise receives a full promotion to Captain and assumes command of the NX vessel USS Farseer and departs on a Long Term Exploration mission.

2410 - Early Work on refit the Albion officially begins. Due to the age of the original Nebula retrofitted to become the Albion - B (The USS Honshu) the refit is deemed to require a full overhaul and take longer than expected. The registry notes an official designation change from B to C.

2410 - Late The Borg Invasion is deemed a drastic threat to the Federation and the resources slated for the Albion - C's refit are frozen, before being recalled for use elsewhere. Due to the incomplete state it is left in the B is mothballed and does not see a return to active service.

2411 - Early USS Albion D, one of the early Odyssey Class vessels, is launched alongside the Enterprise F; seeing the return of Captain Traise. Rushed to completion, she is unable to preform a reconnectable saucer separation, however all other systems are state of the art. The Albion - A comes under review for being turned into preserved mobile historical museum akin to the United States Air Craft Carrier Intrepid on Earth.

2411 - Mid USS Albion D returns to Utopia Planatia in order to address issues discovered in her initial voyage as well as to bring all of her systems to full operational status. Those include the Primary Bridge (Captain Traise still prefers to command from the Battle Bridge) and Saucer Separation features, the aft stored Destroyer Escort, Hibernia, which is brought to full operational function, and a command suite and launch bay for automated work bees.

2412 - Early Albion again returns to shipyard for an extended servicing after her first year in service, as well as to address additional ship systems. Time of servicing estimated at 2 months.

Commanding Officers:
Captain Zebadiah Barbarossa (2285-2312)
Captain Sidney "El Cid" Willows (2312-2321, MIA)
Captain Greeves (2321-2344)
Captain Eric Richardson (2344-2349, MIA)
Captain V'near (2349-2352, KIA)
Captain Aaron Flint (2352-2372)
Captain Intari (2372-2396)
Captain Garret Benjamin Remoi (2396-2409, MIA/KIA)
Captain Johnathon Garret Traise (2409-Present)