U.S.S. Dragon

Fresh out of the shipyards (as of writing), the U.S.S. Dragon (NCC-93887-A) is a Lexington Class ship of the line bristling with state of the art weaponry, a fighter compliment, and even an escort corvette docked at its stern that can double as a landing craft. When Starfleet needs to rattle its saber, the Dragon is almost surely on the short-list in the area of space overseen by DS13.

However, this is still a Starfleet vessel. The ship is fully equipped for scientific studies, state of the art medical facilities, and has already served as a location for diplomatic functions, and distribution of humanitarian aid and colony supplies. Her mission is not usually exploratory, but some of her crew have also been present for first contact. The ship certainly has the equipment for exploration, also, and working that in here and there could be great! Still, flying the flag around the Aldebaran and neighboring sectors on routine patrols is probably this ship’s bread and butter, and what it is up to, if not otherwise stated.

Crew aboard this ship should be expected to behave very professionally on-duty, and at least stay out of trouble off-duty.

I do plan to run events that may range from pitched space combat, to more slice-of-life kinda social stuff, and things in between, and am open to the possibility of other members of the crew GMing events, but reserve the right to decline. Needless to say, run ideas by me first. I am more inclined to want them to happen than not, just want to stay within the guardrails!


Ship Name: U.S.S. Dragon

Organizer: @schmobius#7983

Recruiting Status: Open

Typical RP Type: Social / Free-form / Structured

Event Schedule: Varies

Additional Requirements: Right now, I’m not looking to do events on a regular schedule, and would want to check in with crew for scheduling ad-hoc.

RP Details / Restrictions:

  • How often does the ship visit the starbase?: frequently
  • Non-ship RP allowed while ship is not in port: yes, with IC excuse / yes, timewarping
  • Players allowed to use ship without Captain online: yes, for on-ship RP / yes, for fleet events / yes, any time (Just maybe talk to me first, especially for fleet events, and let me know what happened for lower-stakes RP afterward so we can keep stories straight. The discord channel for the Dragon may be fine there, just highlights people on the ship would know.)

Open Positions:

  • Captain
  • Executive Officer / First Officer (Have a fairly well fleshed-out alt here already. If you want this, you’ll have to sell me on it.)
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Operations Officers
  • Chief Tactical Officer
  • Chief of Security
  • Security Officers
  • Chief Engineer
  • Engineering Officers
  • Chief Science Officer
  • Science Officers
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Counselor
  • Helmsman
  • Additional helm Officers
  • Flight Operations Officer
  • Fighter Pilot(s)
  • [Other reasonable crew postings]