U.S.S. Yamato Refit Request

To: Task Force Argo Command, Starfleet Command, Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Re: U.S.S. Yamato to dreadnought standards.

Sir's, I hereby submit a request for the U.S.S. Yamato, Galaxy Class, Venture specifications, to undergo retrofit to Mk II Dreadnought standards. I believe this will aid in the ships ability to loiter in enemy systems, due to the integration of the Starfleet Cloaking Device.

There is another reason for this request. Admiral D'Vak, has requested the Yamato be made ready for combat against Borg aggression in the Gamma Orionis sector. At the moment, however, the ship is not combat capable in regards to the Borg. This, also is the reason for the refit of the Yamato.

I shall await your response.

Captain Kurt Boyson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Yamato

This request has been approved. Report completion of retrofit to command upon completion.

Lieutenant Jal'Shan
Task Force Argo
To: Task Force Argo Command,
Through: Starfleet Command
From: SF-COE

Re: U.S.S. Yamato to dreadnought standards.

  1. The Corp of Engineers has received the pertinent Letters of Justification concerning the Yamato refit request.
  2. It has been determined that the requisite materials and personnel are available to conduct the refit.
  3. The Vessel Commander must submit a date for refit no less than 48 hours prior to refit in order to ensure appropriate yard spaces can be made available.
  4. In accordance with the pertinent regulations, final approval authority rests with the local Chain of Command, in this case the Commanding Officer of Task Force Argo.

Valentina "E.V.E." Kyznetsova
Admiral, SF Corp of Engineers - [ [ ] [ ] [ ] }
CO, U.S.S. Primogenitor NCC - 884808 - E
Director - S.W.O.R.D.

(AKA Big D using another character elsewhere to do a little RolePlaying, while not making any official decisions XD )
To: Admiral Kyznetsova
Re: U.S.S. Yamato request

Ma'am, respectfully, I would like the refit to be underway as soon as possible. I am prepared to warp to Utopia Planetia immediately to report in and begin refit operations.

Captain Kurt Boyson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Yamato