UFP v. VADM Ashkeph (Session 4)

United Federation of Planets v. Vice Admiral Minari Ashkeph.

This high-profile court martial revolves around the former commanding officer of the 38th Fleet who is alleged to have violated the prime directive and deserted her post in 2417. The long-awaited court proceedings will be open to the public.

Transcripts of the previous sessions are available. This fourth session is expected to see the final witness for the defense, and closing arguments from both sides.

Shift Time: beta

Audience: 38th Fleet, allies, interested spectators.

Attendance: OPEN - Anyone can attend on any character.

RP Format: Social

Setting: Starbase

Starting Point: Sector space for bridge invite. → Turbolift to crew deck → large room/mess hall. Spectators gather in the raised lounge area, overlooking the “court room”

OOC Except for those actually involved in the trial, the event will be "social" in that most players’ involvement will be as spectators. We promise to put on a good show for you, and you're welcome to have your characters chat/discuss (quietly) while the trial plays out.

The court martial will play out over several sessions, but there will be no timewarping, they will be actually separate sessions ICly as well. There are no restrictions on attendance. I expect each session to last 2-3 hours, but spectators are welcome to arrive late/leave early.

One way everyone can help out is by buying into the gravity of the situation, both at the actual trial and outside of it. The public trial of a disgraced admiral is a big deal and everyone can contribute to that atmosphere! If you intend to have your character disrupt the proceedings in any way, I just ask that you give me a heads up in advance.