USS Artemis

Gagarin Class
NCC 97934
United Federation of Planet

U.S.S. Artemis

The U.S.S. Artemis (NCC-97934) is a Federation Gagarin-class starship operated by Starfleet, and the fourth of her class.

Service History

The Artemis under the command of Captain T’Marr post launch was assigned on a three year explorative mission within the Alpha quadrant. Upon returning the vessel engaged in a variety of patrol and survey missions having a relatively uneventful service history under Captain T’Marr.

After 10 years of service command of the USS Artemis was passed to Captain Trevor Mason who would command the ship through the Federation/Klingon war and the Iconian Conflict with distinction, sustaining heavy damage in the final battle of the conflict the Artemis and the rest of the surviving Gagarin Class ships were ordered back to Yard 39 for refit, captain Trevor would accept promotion to admiral and release the ship to the head of the Gagarin class refit project Commander Serah Grant.

Despite some issues Commander Serah Grant and Lieutenant Commander Kev would be instrumental in pushing past the refit issues (mostly warp engine related) and modernizing the Gagarin class ships present. Serah Grant was later promoted to Captain upon the end of the refit project and offered command of the USS Artemis due to her familiarity with the refit and experience over the Klingon and Iconian wars. Lieutenant Commander Kev would be given the chief engineering position.

Upon relaunch the Artemis would be tasked with patrolling the Bajor sector until she was reassigned to the 38th fleet.

The Artemis would take part in an effort to prevent the Klingon civil war from spilling into federation territory, during which time the Artemis would respond to a distress call from a civilian transport attempting to flee the conflict however she would arrive too late to prevent it’s destruction a the hands of a Bird of prey that quickly cloaked and likely returned across the border before she could be identified.

The Artemis would also be involved in a heated battle with Orion pirates in the Gliese Kassae Sector while on a survey mission for the mostly unexplored Gliese 79248+334 System. The mission was intended to allow officers with no real experience onboard a starship to take part in a brief exchange program while serving under several experienced officers. After entering the system the Artemis was engaged by two Orion heavy cruisers who demanded their surrender, Captain Serah ordered a call for assistance from Starfleet and held her ground till help could arrive. While the arrival of smaller raiders forced the Artemis to flee into the atmosphere of a local planet a cleaver use of two of the vessel’s tractor beams would successfully tear a nacelles off one of the heavy cruisers and buy enough time for the Artemis to flee into the planet’s atmosphere, while she would take some minor hull damage to her dorsal primary and secondary hulls. The arrival of the USS Dragon-A would turn the battle in their favor allowing the two ships to disable or destroy the Orion vessels and force the surrender of the Orion Starbase hidden on one of the planet’s moons.

The Artemis would be assigned to the counter Terran invasion force, where she would be heavily involved in multiple engagements most notably the first two battles of Itrin. While the firs two engagements would both lead to the retreat of allied forces the Artemis suffered no major damage and was able to take part in the third battle of Itrin along with a more significant allied force leading to the fall of the system. The Artemis would then remain in system to defend it until proper defenses could be mounted.

She would also take part in a mission alongside the I.K.S. Qul Cha’bIp in the Droni system where the two ships would successfully damage a mining Terran operation as well as destroy a hidden under construction dreadnaught on top of allowing Qul Cha’bIp’s boarding parties to disable the IFF recognition abilities of local defenses. Both ships would successfully retreat post recovery of the boarding parties.

The Artemis would unfortunately meet her end while returning to the Itrin system alone when three Terran vessels ambushed her and inflicted severe damage as the Artemis attempted to flee back to allied space, forced briefly out of warp the Artemis fled into the atmosphere of a uninhabited planet and transported the remainder of her remaining torpedo stock into the path of the perusing ships and remotely detonated them all at once partially igniting the planet’s atmosphere and critically damaging the Artemis and Terran ships further.

The Terran vessels broke off their attack and fled the system while the Artemis remained partially disabled for several hours before her remaining nacelle could be restored enough to allow the ship to limp back to Itrin at low warp. There she was towed back to Felixstowe Barge where it was quickly noted the massive damage to the ship’s superstructure was too extensive to be repaired there leading the Artemis to be towed back to Starbase Argo via warp tender. There the corp of engineers quickly learned the damage to be too sever to fully repair and the Artemis was noted as a loss and was to be transferred to Sol for decommissioning after thirty seven years of service.

The surviving crew of the Artemis were transferred to the USS Argama an Exeter class light cruiser that returned to continue the crew’s service in the war against the Terrans.

Technical Data

492 meters
257.5 meters
60 meters
3,960,000 metric tons
Habitable Decks:
Crew Complement:
Emergency Cap.:
Avg. Cruising Spd:
Max. Cruising Spd:
Maximum Spd:
Warp 6
Warp 9.0
Warp 9.9
8 Mk IV Phaser Arrays/4 Torpedo launchers(Photon/Quantum)
Primary and Secondary shield arrays/Ablative Armor
Auxiliary Craft:
x4 Type 10 shuttles/x1 Runabout/x1Delta Flyer

The Gagarin-class applied elements of the Marrone/Ortiz design philosophy to the old Shepard profile. The class had a saucer-style primary hull, with the secondary hull tucked underneath, which connected to two elongated nacelles by with swept-back double pylons. The class was 492.2 meters in length, had a beam of 257.5 meters, and a draft of 60 meters. The primary hull had a draft of 44 meters, which provided for 11 decks. The USS Artemis would be the first of the initial five ships to incorporate a new necel design, internally these necels are slightly more efficient and durable than the initial run of the class and has since become the standard for all existing an future vessels of the class.

Roleplaying Information

Note: Due to the Gagarin Class appearing nearly a decade earlier than it originally did STO for Picard season 2 I’ve had to edit the history of the Artemis and Serah’s part in it. Likely not fitting dates completely perfectly but is more or less in a good spot now. Paramount please don’t do any stories about this class in the future? K. Thanks.

Serah Grant was head of the team responsible for the Gagarin Class refit at Yard 39.

The Artemis like all Gagarin class ships is equipped with the modular rapid deployment system, these eight compartments on the secondary hull can be like the Nebula class of old with a variety of mission specific gear as needed with minimal refit time.


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