USS Halycon, Captain's Log

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Captain's Log, Stardate Stardate 6545.6 ((30 Sept 2269))

We have just finished assisting the USS Laika, a Daedalus class vessel, deter some Klingon attackers. While helping them to make repairs however, a couple of birds of prey and a D7 came up on us. I was indisposed at the time due to an injury, and thus couldn't make it to the bridge at the moment. My first officer, Eric Anders, took over and attempted to stall the Klingons to buy the Laika more time. Unfortunately that didn't buy just enough time. The Klingons, as always, weren't interested in talking.

A long pause

They attacked our ships with a new weapon and destroyed the Laika. Mr. Skyr'ven, our resident Vulcan, reported that the weaponry being used was a normal disruptor, but the technology being used to achieve the output is well beyond current technology. 150 years more advanced to be precise. When asked about how this was possible, Mr. Skyr'ven gave us three possible answers.

One, the Klingons got a new source of power for their weapon.

Two, the Klingons have a new type of disruptor.

And three, they are from another dimension or timeline.

I sound like a nutjob just saying that. But there's been stranger, and so I can't rule it out. We all agree that we can't let this weapon to continue existing, but we can't go out and fight it on our own, there's too much risk, and I don't want to endanger another member of my crew.

A loud sigh.

We had a service for the two away team members and the lost crew of the Laika. I've personally offered the ones we saved positions on the Halycon, so far I've gotten two of them to accept. Helena and Ashkeph, the previous heads of security and engineering respectively.

Another pause.

We'll go ahead and try to tap into a satellite we've gotten word of and see if that can help us. God help us if they find us tapping into it. We're gonna need it.

End log.