USS Kingdom, report on weapon's Cache discovery.

*From the personal logs of Acting captain Susan Collingwood*

Captains log, Stardate 89456

We came across strange readings during our regular system patrol, a small cargo vessel was spotted within the system, upon closer inspection we found the cargo vessel S.S Brighton was holding a large Cache of explosives in it's cargo hold. Upon intercepting the vessel it stopped, upon being approached by both the USS Kingdom and Aurora the ship attempted to warp away, but a direct hit from the Aura disabled the vessel.

On the advice of outpost Argo, we moved the vessel safely out of the way of the base, and beamed crews aboard to secure the bomb, and arrest the crew.That was done successfully/ We were then advised to pull the disabled vessel and by extension the seemingly inert bomb to Starbase K-7

The bomb was detonated on our way over to the starbase, resulting in damaged to both the Kingdom and Aurora.

The Aurora was destroyed shortly after the detonation, however the entire crew was rescued minor damage was also done to the Kindom on crew member was reported injured but not majorly.

The location of the bomb's detonator or origin remain unknown.