Victory is Life, First impression of the Jem'hadar. (Spoilers may be included)

Alright, so I made three Jem'hadars, one for each career so you guys don't have to. Each career of the standard Jem'hadar comes with two completed Reputations, Three R&D schools finished to level 15, and two full Specialization schools finished.

Spoiler: Tactical Jem'hadarShow

Spoiler: Engineering Jem'hadarShow

Spoiler: Science Jem'hadarShow


I have to say, I am beyond amazed at the level of detail that has been put into the Jem'hadar, the customization options are fairly diverse enough that it is unlikely to run into two of the same looking Jem'hadars. I'm not doing any screen shots of the tailor yet because it's unfinished at this time.

The Jem'hadar starter ship


The ship is pretty decent for a free T5-U ship, it holds up well in combat, and the free equipment isn't something to pass over.

I took a few pictures of the new Jem'hadar interior as well, too many to post under spoiler titles, but I put them into an imgur album linked right below.
Imgur link is to the starter ship image used above.
Oops, it's fixed now.
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So, I just now managed to reach this, but the game does punish you for not ingesting enough K-White.
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