Video Message from Captain Seafort, General Distrobution

((Seafort lies in a bio-bed, propped up so that the holo-camera can see him. Oddly, he appears grayed and a bit more wrinkled since the last time anyone has seen him. His face is a mask for his emotions. He draws in a heavy breath, in then begins to speak.))

Comrades and friends, I was informed earlier that Commander Arlene Summers passed away in the action that rescued myself and some thirty prisoners from an alien installation. The Commander died at her post on the bridge of the Hibernia, when it suffered a massive power surge caused by an enemy attack. I commend her to you all. She was a woman of fine spirit and near insufferable honesty. Myself and the crew of the Hibernia will certainly feel as though a part of (the word seems odd, to him as he says it) is missing. I would ask any of you that knew Com...Arlene to spend a moment or so in quiet contemplation and respect for her, when the opportunity arises. That is all.

((The message stops a moment after his last word. The mask was broken, and his face betrayed the grief and guilt that he felt.))