VRP: Disgraced Starfleet Officer Sentenced


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Disgraced Starfleet Officer Sentenced
by Rekaine tr’Pal

The dramatic and sensational affair of ex-Starfleet officer Vera Nim ended today as the former security chief of Deep Space 13 was sentenced to serve 5 years in a medium-security prison facility. This follows the guilty verdict and stern words of admonishment Nim received from Judge Ilir t’Nevari last week, where the widely respected but taciturn jurist subverted her own reputation for verbal economy to roast the defendant for thirty-seven minutes.

Judge Ilir was considerably more terse at today’s sentencing hearing, where we learned that Nim will be mining dilithium at the Castrum Caerulum facility in the Xarantine Sector through 2425. The convict Nim was equally stoic, declining to speak before the court prior to sentencing. The atmosphere in the room was palpably triumphant, as this crime committed by an erstwhile ally last year was finally punished, and Romulan honor and sovereignty vindicated.

Although Nim’s trial was brief and rather more sedate than some in the media anticipated, the feeding frenzy of rumors and innuendo surrounding it continues. Unsupported allegations that Senator Havaid tr’Mas may have been complicit in the tragic loss of the Signet Ring of the Ruling Queen continue to swirl around the affair, and some pundits have gone to far as to question the Senator’s loyalties. It remains to be seen whether the end of this trial and the punishment of the corrupt Starfleet officer at the center of it all can lay those suspicions to rest.