What's your favourite (non-artsy) opening sequence?

What’s your favourite (non-artsy) opening sequence?
  • DS9
  • VOY
  • LD
  • SNW

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So hey, I’m looking for some input on something! I’m sorry to have to exclude the more artsy style (Discovery/Picard) ones, but for what I’m looking at, they just wouldn’t work. Let me know!

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Phantom Menace. I like to be reminded of taxes before engaging in content.


Where is Enterprise?

Artsy category :smiley:

It’s been a long road… trying to get Enterprise the recognition it deserves. :slight_smile:

So this was a really hard choice. ultimately i went with ds9 because I’ll be honest, its what i have been judging every show since by. Strange New Worlds is a very very close second to me. Also I think its best to say that TOS/TNG are just iconic at this point. While not ‘arsty’ I think they are in a league all their own

why is TOS and TNG in the same vote?

They’re thematically identical.

There’s a few space shots followed by the ship zooming directly at you continually.