What's your IC Loyalty Mission?

So, during a brief exchange between Kelak and Brex on Discord, Brex made a comment about a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Considering that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, is just around the corner… here’s a question for everyone: If your IC character had a Loyalty Mission, what would it be? For the unaware, ME2 had Loyalty Missions, where if you completed the mission for someone in your crew, it would affect their fate and even the outcome of the final mission of that game.

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Castillo caught onto this early on. Niazov is easily bribed with desserts.

I can only thing of one now, for Sierra, cause it’s true ME2 Style.

Track down Sierra’s Former Mentor/Childhood Crush, Zulu Caratacus Amarao, and beat the crap out of him after an epic space fight so Sierra can yell at him proper and leave him alive to stew in it.

(Renegade get the option to leave a firehazard like a lit Cigar or melting chunk of metal near an explosive container before the door closes)

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Beles: Sort out the whole business with the (fake) Romulan signet ring and bring the (real) guilty parties to justice.