Where can the Klingons go?

I need some help here. Where can Klingon Faction players go or NOT go, and I mean physically walk around on a planet/station? I assume they can't go to ESD or Federation Fleet Starbases. Can they go to K-7? Starbase-24? Vulcan? Andoria? The vacation beach planet (name escapes me, but I plan to go there when they add shorts to off-duty uniform choices). I know they can go to DS9, New Romulus and Drozana as I've seen them there.

On the flip side where can Federation players go or not go that is in the Klingon side of the galaxy? I assume they can't go to the Klingon homeworld.

This is part of the finalization for some upcoming stories. Not sure why I felt I had to say that, but I did.... feel like it, not actually have to do it, I mean.
Feds cant enter Omega Leonis or the Ganalda system. As for Klinks, they cant enter Sirius sector without Maurauding force I don't think. I may be wrong on that though
Klingon faction players cannot enter Federation social maps, the only exception being DS9. Similarly, Federation faction players cannot enter Klingon social maps. All two of them.
Well, I guess those two are out then. Thanks for the info. I think Drozana is going to work best.

but for what, you ask? Muhahahahaha!

Thanks again.