Zelvan-Tiyanki Plan of Action

To: CAPT Tungsten; LT Stern;
CC: Peacekeeping Task Force
From: Ambassador Perim
Subj: Zelvan-Tiyanki Task Force & Plan of Action

Hello Officers,

With the 38th’s return from leave rotation, I feel it’s time for an update and recap of our current plan of action. Simply put, our relief forces have reported no change to the current status quo while we’ve been away. This leaves us free to continue our objectives as previously decided.

As of this time, Objective #2 has been completed. The timing of a visit from the Tiyanki representative afforded us the opportunity to make the proposal, and therefore it was conducted first.

  • That leaves Objective #1 above - contacting the Zelvans to make the proposal - as our first priority before we can proceed down the list. Captain Tungsten, I would appreciate it if you or one of the Captains in your task force could initiate this promptly.

  • Assuming that is successful, Lieutenant Stern, I would like you to then initiate contact with Speare Corporation to accomplish Objective #3.

  • Finally, when appropriate, I will personally contact the governments of Parin and Isep Xedi to accomplish Objective #4.

For a general refresher on the situation and actions to date, please reference the database section titled zelvan-tiyanki. If there are any questions or problems along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Neema Perim
Federation Ambassador

OOC Paging @DrakeTungsten and @Aev! Just throwing out a reminder/summary of where we were and what the next steps are! Others interested can be part of the task force that was CC’d to obtain this knowledge ICly.

I’ve been in contact with @Valore and you guys can contact them to set up your interactions at your convenience. Have fun!


To: Ambassador Perim
CC: CAPT Tungsten
From: LT Stern
Subj: RE: Zelvan-Tiyanki…


I’ve just wrapped up talks with Speare and can report that objective three has been accomplished. I’ve attached the negotiated contract if you’d like to review it. Unfortunately, my read is that Speare doesn’t appear to have any significant amount of influence with its parent company. I doubt much of what I covered regarding future relations between the Zelvans and Tiyanki will reach United Ballistic’s management.

Lieutenant Ulrich Stern
Diplomatic Corps Attaché

//ATTACHMENT// Speare Contract