Zelvan & Tiyanki Research Assignment

To: LT Khet; LTJG Stern;
CC: Consul Bozgid
From: Ambassador Perim
Subj: Zelvan & Tiyanki Research Assignment

Lieutenants, I hope Dromatar has treated you well and I look forward to reviewing your report upon your return. As luck would have it, however, your next assignment is already waiting for you.

The Zelvan Commission and the Tiyanki Holy Tribunal are minor powers in the Doza Sector with a long history of conflict. Starfleet mediated a trade agreement between them just under a year ago. In reality, this was an armistice of sorts. In the agreement, the Federation committed to monitoring a DMZ and engaging in unspecified peacekeeping efforts should violations be detected. It was a solid good faith measure in the short term, but ultimately unsustainable if the two sides truly mean to engage in a war.

I’d like you to start researching these two civilizations. If we find ourselves in a position to mediate between them again, I’d like to do so from a position of greater understanding so that a more grounded and lasting peace can be achieved.

I might suggest that you each take one of the two civilizations and work in parallel, but I’ll leave that up to your discretion.

Neema Perim
Federation Ambassador

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To: LTJG Stern, Ulrich
From: LT Khet, Mossic
Subj: Re: Zelvan & Tiyanki Research Assignment

Dibs on Zelvan

Lt. Mossic Khet
Diplomatic Corps Attaché
Federation Consulate, DS13