Zenas Expanse KDF Holdings


In addition to Starbase 151, Task Force Hurq Mevik and the KDF control a number of additional assets/holdings in the Zenas Expanse.

DILITHIUM DAWN is a small independent Reman mining guild, hired by task force command to set up mining operations in the inner asteroid belt of the Chang’s Mercy system. Over the last few years, they have expanded their contract with KDF to include mining operations on the surface of Chang’s Challenge and to orbital mining facilities of the Widrab colony of Mal’laan. They recently renewed their mining contract for the next 5 year period, and plan to expand operations to newly surveyed mineral rich locations. While they have a representative on SB 151, their HQ is a warp-capable mobile mining and refining vessel, RMV Sitix, which moves through the belt to wherever the latest rich strike is.

EYE OF ZENAS is a trading and entertainment facility run by an Orion information broker, Lady Drusilla. It is a large space station dating back to the 22nd century and refurbished in similar style. Eye of Zenas offers a wide variety of facilities for merchants and mercenaries looking to do some business. Saved from True Way blockade by KDF and allied forces, Lady Drusilla accepted an invitation to move her facility to an area closer to SB 151 (and therefore under KDF protection) in exchange for full access to her station’s facilities and her information network (for a small surchage, of course).

WIDRAB COLONY OF MAL'LAAN is an official tributary state of the Klingon Empire and the first proper colony world in the Zenas Expanse. Saved from local pirates by KDF forces, Mal'laan's ruling body, the Council of Intellects, has pledged to serve the Empire in exchange for protection. The colony has prospered under this arrangement, attracting many other wayward Widrab communities, scattered after the loss of their own colonies to Breen raids, and is now a major industrial center. Widrab are weak soldiers but expert engineers, especially in the field of fabrication; their small self-defense force makes heavy use of drones. As a part of their deal with the Empire, a detachment of Widrab engineers led by High Engineer Derem serves on SB 151. Mal’laan also holds an refugee enclave of 90,000 D'rexians, silicoid-based humanoids who managed to escape enslavement of their species by the hands of the Fenrisal Breen state. They are currently led by a triumvirate consisting of their chief diplomat, Emerald Epistate of the Will of the People, chief military advisor August General Clad in Raiment of Adamant, and chief of industry Tireless Servitor of the Populat. The D'rexians' silicoid biology makes them durable and adaptive people, and despite their low numbers, their insights in mining operations and powerful ground troops make them a valuable asset in expanding Imperial influence.

ALTARIAN IMPERIAL COLONY OF DROMUND is the second permanent colony and another tributary state of the Empire. Led by Princess Vita Helba, who is trying to keep balance between two subspecies of altarians - the military minded Cieran and the philosophically/scientifically minded Selkian - they provide highly trained ground forces and medical support to Imperial operations in the area. The Princess herself is often seen using her carrier-turned-hospital flagship to provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

ELABREJ HEGEMONY was the first KDF conquest in the Zenas Expanse. Catastrophic first contact resulted in open conflict and subjugation of the Elabrej System. The Elabrej were ruled by a small council of Oligarchs, supported by the Universal Church. Both groups used their power and control of the military to live in excess, at the expense of their subjects. When the resources of their home system were nearly exhausted, the Oligarchs forced the Church (whose doctrine was that the Elabrej were the only sentient life in the universe and therefore had no need to explore) to allow a small group of exploration vessels to leave the Elabrej system in search of mineral rich worlds to exploit. During the survey of one of the prospective systems, an Elabrej scout ship encountered a KDF patrol vessel. The Elabrej commander panicked and, under the influence of a Church overseer, ordered an attack on the strange alien conveyance. KDF retribution was swift and fatal, and heralded a short and rather one-sided conflict which ended in removal of the Oligarchy and installation of a Klingon magistrate. (The Church is allowed to continue to exist, but its power has been greatly reduced.) Originally, the Empire was willing to ditch the resource-poor Elabrej to fend for themselves, but a discovery of rich deposits of magnesite in the system changed this decision.

CHU TUL is a newly founded Klingon colony in the vicinity of SB 151. Chu Tul is currently home to nearly 500,000 Klingons, with plans to double that population by the end of the year. Mostly refugees from worlds ravaged by the Iconian War, these sturdy folks are expanding outward from the Capital City, building new farming and hunting settlements across the planet's single continent and fishing settlements on the shores of its largest lake (almost an inland sea). With industrialization soon to follow, the colony is expected to become fully functional and self-sufficient within the next three years.
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