{ZP} New Klingons on the Block [Complete]

New Klingons on the Block – New Blood

Directed By:

“This will be my last address. It marks the end of the Academy’s term, and your graduating mission. Whether you fail or succeed in this last trial, I again urge you to remember: You are all Klingons. You carry a legacy in your blood that lends strength to your deeds and strikes terror in the hearts of your enemies. The hope of every Klingon is to die in the service of the Empire. There is no dishonor in dying before a superior foe, if your heart is pure, your actions forthright! What you have been taught will serve you throughout your battles to come, until one day, you earn an honorable and glorious death.”

Kronq, son of Kuz’Koh, of House Antaak; stood before the Giant Statue of Kahless the Unforgettable one last time on the hollowed grounds of the Training Academy, the words of his mentor echoing in his mind as he raised his D’k Tahg in final respects to the years of training (and torment) he had endured. Even with the Civil War erupting mid-way through his training, all the trials and tribulations he had endured would only have made him a better man, a better warrior, a better Klingon.

Sheathing his blade, he turned and headed for the transport pad for the next shuttle to the Shipyard. A part of him was going to miss this place; a place where he had learned so many life lessons, a place that took more of his blood, sweat, and tears to mold him into the tool the Empire needed him to be. Yet the other, more sensible side of him could not wait to get out of this dust ridden gulch and hope to never lay eyes on it, or the hell-razing instructors ever again!

Miles above the planet, Kronq looked through the large viewing port. A B’rel Class Bird-of-Prey and a Bortasqu’ Class Battlecruiser sat docked just outside. He had served on a B’rel Class Training Ship for his days at the academy, and even piloted one during the war, defending the very Shipyards he stood on. But that ship was an ancient relic, too old and rustic for his liking.

On the other hand, the Bortasqu’ was a marvel of Klingon Engineering. Armed to the teeth, with Armor to match, it was a frightening presence to bare on any battlefront. Yet the Klingon shook his head, she was too large, too slow for him. Kronq was a Battle Pilot, receiving top marks in his class and even carving his name on the stone of achievements for his accolades behind the helm. Though always taught to not sully his skill with ego, he could not help to feel the sense of accomplishment as some referred to him a ‘prodigy’.

That is why he stood here now, waiting for confirmation. While the other Graduates scrambled and begged for the left-over and unwanted assignments, he was already granted a commission aboard a Kortar-class Raptor! Small and agile with frightening fire power and speed; that was the ship for him! His mind raced with the glorious conquests he could achieve in a ship like that!

“GET your head out of your ass tlhol!” an elderly Klingon barked, shoving Kronq away from the window and out of his daydreaming. Kronq quickly regained himself and focused his attention on the Transport Officer, “Yes, sorry.” He said, half motioning to the ships beyond. “Yes yes, you’ll have plenty of time to see them.” The old one growled, “They are pretty when they sit in dock…not so good a sight when you’re looking at a whole sector full of hollow carcass after a battle.” The old one lamented, waving his hand for the recruit to follow.

They crossed over to the Elders terminal where he pulled up the data he needed. “I received approval for your transfer aboard the Qul Cha’bIp. They are ready to receive you now, I don’t suggest making your first command wait.” Kronq began to breath quickly, hyping himself up. This was really happening, he was excited!! “Yes YES!” he hailed, dashing over to the Transporter Pad. The Old Officer could only shake his head in disbelief of the youth’s ignorant vigor. “Who is the commanding officer?” He asked, as he prepare for his Glorious Debut into the Cosmos!

The old man only cackled menacingly at Kronq’s question, “Oh don’t worry little one…you’ll find that out REAL quick” he exclaimed before initiating the transport. The world went red before his eyes as the Shipyard and its attendant faded from view, and a new scene appeared before him. As the transport settled, Kronq found himself in a smaller transport room, one attendant in traditional garb sat at the terminal while a second Klingon stood at the base. Though saying she was standing would have been incorrect, as SHE wasted no time approaching the Transport Pad towards Kronq. This Female wore a much decorative uniform than the one at the station, and had a metal eye-patch over her left eye. She was now nearly face to face with him, standing maybe a hair shorter than him and staring intently into his eyes.

There was a sense of un-easiness about the whole situation, but his Gut was screaming this officer clearly outranked him by the adornments on her wear. Could she be the Captain? Did…she need the transport pad? A simple ‘Get the hell out of my way’ would have sufficed, but in case of the former, he did not want to move without offending a superior officer. He could see her nostrils flare as she took in his scent, her face contorting into a slight snarl as she did so which made him shift his weight back some subconsciously, but that’s where he had made the error. He shifted too much too quickly and to keep from falling backwards had to take a step back to support himself.

She had purposely invaded his personal space as a sign of dominance, and in his folly, he had made a retreating gesture, one that was quickly followed by a swift and painful response from the female. Her snarling face turned into a raging one as she reared back and slammed her forehead smack into Kronq’s face, sending him tumbling backwards anyway to the transporter pad floor. He groaned in pain as he covered his nose with his hand, a trace of blood falling from it already as he quickly prepared to defend himself, his flaring eyes remaining locked on the aggressor. Yet she made no move, only intently staring him down for another few seconds.

“I am Commander V’ecna, Daughter of Creel, of House Grilka; And First Officer aboard this ship.” She proclaimed, towering over the prone graduate as he nursed his nose. Her hands folded behind her as she took a more relaxed position, a sign she did not see him as a threat, yet her gaze was still piercing. “I hope for all of our sakes your reaction time is better at the helm than it is in combat, or we shall all see Suto’vo’qor sooner, rather than later.” Before he could even muster a Response, Commander V’ecna turned and headed out of the room, giving sharp ‘SNAP’ with her hand and Barking “Ha’!” to him.

So much for first impressions. Kronq quickly picked himself up off the floor, smearing the blood off his face and onto the ground. As he passed, he took sight of the Transport Officer who was nodding his head and gave him a thumbs up, mouthing “That went VERY well!”.

He quickly caught up with Commander V’enca who was walking down the hallways in a brisk pace. “You find yourself lucky we were in need of a replacement pilot. This ship is a Tactically inclined Raptor, cant just throw any qoH at the helm, and you came ‘Highly Recommended’.” She added a bit of sarcasm at the end to which Kronq did not respond too. They came to a stop at a door as the commander turned and faced him, “You will fall under the supervision of our Tactical Officer, Lt. Thra’ssk; He will be on the bridge waiting for you.” She stated firmly. Kronq highly suspected that the added ‘s’ to the name inferred he was Gorn…joy. “But first you will find your way to Engineering and speak with Lt. Gormesh, our Engineer. He will fill you in on modifications we have made to the ship that’s privy to your operations as Pilot.”

Kronq began to look around the hall with a slight blank look on his face, which only added to V’ecna’s irritation. “Find it on your own, you’ll need to learn soon enough anyway” she snapped before he could even ask the obvious. “But before you do that, settle in…” she said, hitting a button on the side of the door they stood before.

Kronq could see that inside was a small studio sized room, furnished with a dusty table, shelving, a desk and a metal slab for a bed. The confusion glowed apparent on his face as to why she would bring him here and not the barracks where most all junior officers slept. “All bridge officers have their own quarters. This is not as roomy or amendable as others, but will keep you from sleeping with the Targ’s. Don’t need our Pilot half asleep because he stayed up playing Dabo, or whatever you enlisted do to entertain yourselves…” she snapped. Kronq quickly snapped to attention, and followed with a respectable “Yes Ma’am!” V’ecna perked her brow, “Oh, he does speak…” she mused to herself. “Get too it Pilot. Don’t make me repeat myself” she ordered, before turning heel and leaving him in the hall.

Kronq walked into the room which secured behind him. First Commission, His Own Room…This almost made up for the possible broken nose! He could NOT mess this up again, and slapped himself in the face to knock him out of the stupor his mind was wandering. There would be time to replicate what he wanted or needed for here, but first he had to find Engineering! He already blundered his First Impression with the commander, he did not want to make the same mistake twice!

Translation Log

Singular Klingon Word Translations come from: https://hol.kag.org/ If you have a better resource for translation, please share and let me know. But I will try to keep this as a reference to any words I may use, as well as ‘intentional’ meanings as they apply.

Klingon Words used in this Post:

  • [tlhol] – Raw or Unprocessed. (Because I couldn’t find “Noob” or “Novice”) meant as a mild insult.
  • [Qul Cha’blp] – the name of the Starship, roughly translates to “Firebird”
    (Because Pontiac wouldn’t translate, lol)
    ** [Qul] – Fire
    ** [Cha’blp] – a Bird noted for its speed.
  • [Ha’] – “Come with me”
  • [qoH] – Fool

OOC Welcome to the Klingon Starship ‘Firebird’! Kronq is NOT my main character, he is an extra/alt I made to subsidize my crew, but for the purpose of introduction, I felt it might be better telling this from HIS perspective. If you go to the Ship Records Page, under ‘Personnel’ for this vessel, you can see specalized Dossiers on each of the main Crewmembers/Alts I have created (as I did for the Sun Tzu Crew). Hope you all enjoy this tidbit. I plan to do a couple of more short stories added here to flush out the rest of the crew, and formally introduce the ‘Captain’ as well as their introduction into ZP! Thanks to @Mudd and @gulremal for enduring my constant badgering as I gained ground and understanding enough to get this started!


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New Klingons on the Block – Passions

Directed By:
Engineering Deck; I.K.S. Qul Cha’bIp

The I.K.S. “Firebird” was not a large ship; it did not take Kronq long at all to find his way to the Engineering Deck. He was a little surprise at how few people he saw around the ship, but he did hear that some captains preferred working with a close tightly nit crew, rather than a huge sprawling one. This would help root out dissidence and spies more quickly, which also meant he would have to work hard to earn the trust of not just his superiors, but all other crewmembers as well.

He looked around for a moment, trying to see if anyone ‘stood out’ but the damn engine room was so foggy, it was hard to make any one person out, let alone he had no idea what Lt. Gormash looked like to even identify him. Defeated, he flagged down a passing Klingon, “SoH pa’” Kronq called out. The Engineering Officer turned to look at him, grunting “nuqneH?” “I am looking for Lieutenant Gormesh, is he here?” Kronq questioned. The Engineers eyes widened in shock for a second before narrowing in suspicion and sputtering, “W-Why?”

“I was told to meet with him here, I am the new Pilot, and he was to instruct me on the ships modifications.” Kronq explained. The Engineer gave a slight sigh of relief and relaxed some, pointing behind him, “He is over there at the main console, the Nausicaan.” Kronq looked over and saw the silhouette of a portly Nausicaan Male in black leathers. He nodded his thanks and took a step forward, but the Engineer blocked his path, placing his hand on Kronq’s shoulder to stop him. “Before you go.” The engineer stated in a hushed tone, “The Lieutenant is… unconventional. Do not take offence to some of his more…outlandish antics.” He explained. “Whatever dropped him on his head repeatedly as a ghu only served to make him a savant in Engineering. There is no one more qualified than him, so mind yourself.” He finished, repositioning himself out of Kronq’s way and looking around to make sure no one was watching. Kronq only nodded his thanks again and continued forward.

‘Great’ he thought to himself, ‘The First Officer likes to get up-close and personal, and the Engineer is a nutcase.’ At least this time he got tipped off BEFORE he made an ass of himself. As he reached the ramp leading to the elevated platform, Lt. Gormesh caught eye of him and began to wave him over, an unsettling smile on his face, as he bellowed laugher.

“AHH, cha’Do’, come!” he continued to beckon as the other Engineers busied themselves with their work. Kronq approached, and saluted Lt. Gormesh respectfully, but was only met with a deep laughing bearhug from the overweight man. “I have been waiting for you my friend! Alas we meet! There is much to discuss! Come!” he bellowed cheerfully as he wrapped one arm around the pilot and steered him back down the ramp. As they walked, Gormesh turned and shouted to the one Engineer that remained at the console, “Keep those power levels balanced or ill fucking gut you!” he barked. His words and tone to the Engineer was NOTHING like the warm friendly tone he had used with Kronq only a few moments prior. ‘So THIS is what he meant…’ he thought to himself as he continued to be guided away.

Gormesh quickly spun Kronq back around, facing the Warp Core, holding his free hand out, “Look at that, isn’t she Beautiful?!” he began. Not letting the new officer respond Gormesh continued on, “Klingon Engineering, Far superior to those Qlp Federation worms! Do you know why Our Warp core design is better than the Federation?!” he asked, but yet again, did not let Kronq get a word in, “They stand the damn things upright!? What the hell kind of design flaw is that?! They limit the Core’s potential! But not us! We lay her down, allowing her full length of the ship if we must! More Core, means more Power, More Power means more GLORY! GLORY TO THE EMPIRE!” he ended up shouting, and as on que, the officers in engineering reverberated his words.

“Come cha’Do’…Let me show you my parmaq.” He said, spinning Kronq around and facing a computer terminal. With a touch of a button, the Exterior Diagram of the Firebird appeared on the screen.

Kronq was…understandably confused by all of this. He had heard Engineers were…close to their starships, but…was this Gormesh serious? All doubt left his mind as the Eningeer continued his rant. “I have turned down hundreds of prospective mates, because none can compare to my parmaq. Her Dark Skin…her slender figure, her sharp edges. If only I could find a woman like that, we would single handedly populate an entire star system!” Kronq’s eyes were betraying his disbelief of the situation as Gormesh honed back in on him. “And YOU…” he growled, drawing in closer as Commander V’ecna once did. “You and I shall be GOOD friends, TRUSTED friends…for you get the honor of performing the most intimate of acts with my beloved. You make her DANCE…” Gormesh backed away again, much to the relief of Kronq who was NOT about to shift his weight again.

Gormesh turned back to the screen staring at it intently before whipping his gaze back to the Klingon. “You two have a lot in common you know…” he spoke softly. ‘I don’t like where this is going…’ Kronq thought to himself. “Look here” Gormesh said, pulling Kronq closer to the screen, the Nausicaan was far more powerful than he appeared, his size not withstanding. Gormesh pointed to the Nose of the Starship on the screen with his right hand, “This here is her head…where all the commands come from…” he turned and grasped his left hand around the base of the back of Kronq’s skull firmly. “Just like your head…”

Gormash’s right finger traced along the neck of the ship, “Her neck carries these commands down the line.” He spoke, as his left hand slid down, grasping the back of Kronq’s neck, holding him there firmly. Part of him wanted to pull back, but the heeding of the first Engineer ringed in his head, so he allowed it for now. “His finger traced across the image of the wings for a moment before Gormesh turned fully, and with both hands forced Kronq’s own arms up and outward, making him stand at almost a T-Pose in the middle of engineering. “Her wings, like your arms, outstretched are almost as wide as she is long!” his hands now slid down from Kronq’s arms to his ribcage, where he grasped the pilot firmly. There was no doubt that Gormesh could easily lift him in the air with as tight a hold as he had, while he continued to lament, holding Kronq in place even as he began to try and withdraw away. “Her Core…like your Ribcage, connects them all, and protects the precious life-giving components within.” And just as quickly as he had hold of him, Gormesh let go. Kronq taking a step back, but leaving his hands up in a ‘Im not trying to fight you’ manner. Gormesh burst into a psychotically induced cackle, as he pointed a finger at Kronq’s heart.

“I want you to remember how much you have in common with my ship…” he started, almost in the same lovey, highly uncomfortable tone he had used to describe her earlier. But as he continued to speak, his tone grew more guttural and loud, and Kronq almost wished he had continued to speak like he did before as he fought every instinct in his body to not withdraw from the ever raging Nausicaan.

“Because if you damage…”
“…Any part of my ship…”
“…With your SHIT Piloting…”

If looks alone could kill, Kronq would have been vaporized on the spot. Gone was the happy-go-lucky Lieutenant he had been introduced too. Standing before him, now nearly face to face was a giant, rage filled monstrosity that would, if given an inkly of reason, break the pilot into dust. The whole of engineering had come to a stand still, all eyes locked on Kronq and the Lieutenant, who was breathing heavily onto the poor pilot’s face. Kronq for one was greatful his body had seized up for the moment, as he stood, hands in the air frozen in front of Gormesh. He gulped down saliva to cure his dried throat, and managed to muster a response. “Don’t worry Sir. I will take good care of her…”

It was like a light switch. One second the visage of Fek’lhr stood before him in a frozen moment of time, and the next The engineering deck was back to life, everyone moving about their duties like nothing happened, and Gormesh had almost instantaneously switched moods back to his joyful self, as he once again took Kronq in a bear hug, laughing. “Good GOOD! There is much to go over before you take he helm! Let me show you what she can do!” the Lieutenant declared gleefully, once again carting the half-terrified Pilot along deeper into the engineering deck.

Translation Log

Singular Klingon Word Translations come from: https://hol.kag.org/ If you have a better resource for translation, please share and let me know. But I will try to keep this as a reference to any words I may use, as well as ‘intentional’ meanings as they apply.

Klingon Words used in this Post:
SoH pa’ = you there!
====SoH – you
====pa’ - there, over there, thereabouts
nuqneH? = what do you want? (greeting)
ghu = Baby
cha’Do’ = a species of Klingon bird about which little is known (Another form of Unproven/Unknown)
Qlp = Stupid
parmaq = Love, Romance

OOC|First off, I’m going to just default the Ships name to I.K.S. Firebird for my own sanity, unless in a cross post with someone else, let just assume the Universal Translator has added that to its auto-translate matrix, lol. Welcome to Part 2 of our introduction, and my Psychotic Nausicaan Engineer! He serves his ship with a very special kind of passion! Next Episode we meet Two more Officers, as we make our way to the bridge! Any question, comments, or general “WTF’s”, feel free to post them on the ‘comments’ thread started by @kermit!

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New Klingons on the Block – Pecking Order

Directed By:
Bridge Deck; I.K.S. Qul Cha’bIp

Gormesh nearly talked his ear off, but all of the information he gave was beneficial to understanding what the ‘Firebird’ was truly capable of. Capacitance cells for boosted speed, enhanced inertial damper field for near 180 degree turns mid battle, all the boons the ship was designed for were just vastly improved on! He had almost forgotten about the hellish encounter with the Nausicaan nearly an hour ago when the comms went off.

ror Ha’DlbaH!! Where is my Damn Pilot?!” The voice snarled over the Engineering Deck Speakers. “BE THANKFUL IM DONE WITH HIM, HuH ghargh!” Gormesh yelled back, shaking his fist at the air. “Have him report to the bridge. He needs to be briefed before the captain returns.” The voice dictated before cutting out. Gormesh growled again but nodded, “It is probably best you go. I have given you the basics for now. Just remember what I told you.” He said, Kronq looked at the Engineer, and saw the fire flickering in his eyes as he nodded, the prior threat still burned into his memory. As Kronq drew close to the exit of Engineering, Gormesh called out one last time, “Be Mindful of Thra’ssk! He’s the reason we needed a new pilot” he advised, with a devious grin on his face.

Kronq stepped onto the lift, and as the doors closed, he grunted out, “meH.” He could feel the lift begin to rise, but jerked to a stop again as the doors opened once more. A voluptuous Orion Female in a ‘traditional’ uniform shirt sauntered onto the lift with Kronq. She turned to face the doors as they closed, and spoke aloud “meH.” as well. Kronq gave her a sideways glance, wondering what someone like -her- would be doing on the bridge.

“You’re the new Pilot, arnt’chu? Kronq is it?” the woman spoke in a soft voice. He looked over at her, a little unsure and nodded, “I am Kronq, son of Kuz’Koh of—” “Of House Antaak. Freshly graduated from the Klingon Academy on Qo’nos with supreme marks in piloting maneuvers and dogfight scenarios.” She finished. He glanced at her more intently, the look of confusion more apparent. This made the woman giggle, “Who do you think pulled your file for review?” she snickered.

After closer inspection, he could see the single hallowed Klingon chevron on her shoulder, indicating her rank as a Bekk, the lowest, non-commissioned position within the Military. He straightened up once more looking towards the door as he answered firmly, “You did your research well then.” The Orion continued to measure the pilot up and down before turning to the back wall and removing a panel from the floor. The lift was slowing down as it reached the bridge, and Kronq tried not to be…distracted by the hovering rear of the Orion, but he could not help but to be cautious as to what she was messing with. “What are you—” he began, but was immediately cut off as the lift jerked, nearly throwing him from his feet. The Orion had returned upright with a small component in her hand, and a childlike smile on her face.

“What did you DO?” Kronq barked shoving the Orion out of the way and examining the open floor panel. He could see where the component was pulled from, and he angrily snatched it out of her hands to re-install it. “What do you think your playing at, Bekk?!” He once again barked, as he delicately placed the device back in its place and restored the connections. “Getting to know you better” she snickered. Angered, he slammed the grate shut on the floor and turned to the door, but it would not open. He turned towards the Orion to berate her, but there was a pounding on the other side of the door.

“What the HELL is going on in there?” came the same voice from Engineering’s comms. ‘Great…That must be Lt. Thra’ssk’ he thought to himself, he glared at the Bekk before turning back to the doors. “There was a malfunction, the doors will not open!” Kronq called out. “’lgh jlH” he could hear Thra’ssk curse under his breath “Just pull the damn override and get out here!” he yelled, kicking the door with a reverberating metallic sound.

“Where is the override switch?!” Kronq turned and snarled at the Orion, advancing and shoving her into the wall, an act that she appeared to be all too pleased with. “You sure know how to talk to the ladies, don’t you?” she smirked. Kronq wanted nothing more than to backhand her for her comment, but he reconsidered as that might have been what she was after. She could see the anger and confusion on the Klingons face, and raised her left hand to the door frame. A metallic plate slid out of the way, revealing several levers within. Shoving her aside, he looked into the panel to find nothing was labeled. “Which one?” He snapped, turning back to the girl who gave a meek shrug, the urge to smack her was boiling over again, but was once again interrupted by banging on the door, “What the hell are you waiting for, Suto’vo’qor? OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR!” Lt. Thra’ssk shouted.

Kronq could hear the Gorn on the other side begin to try and pry the door open with his claws. Frustrated, he grabbed one of the levers and pulled. The whole Lift began to shake and drop slightly, as the Orion grabbed the handle bars, screaming in ecstasy and cackling. “What was THAT?!” Kronq called out, turning to the woman in a panic. “You could rough me up some, get the answers you want…but if Thra’ssk opens that door first, he’s going to rip your liver out.” She rushed to explain as Kronq began to advance on her in anger. He stopped, she was right. She WANTED this, and he did NOT have time to play her games. Turning to the panel once more he reviewed the few other switches inside.

“What was that?” Thra’ssk inquired
“Common Kronq, you don’t have much time!” the Orion baited
“Who else is in there with you?” The Gorn once again questioned
“He’s almost got it open; you have to make a choice!” the woman egged on.
“ANSWER ME BOY” Frustrated, Thra’ssk once again struck the door with his fists, causing the whole compartment to shake
“NO TIME TO LOSE! KRONQ, PULL THE LEVER!” The woman screamed.

Screaming in overloaded frustration, Kronq grabbed another switch handle at random and pulled. The doors slid open immediately, and there before the doors stood a massive Gorn officer in Bare Leather Armor. Kronq withdrew from the doorframe, out of breath for a moment as the woman in the back moaned in defeat. “Ugh…Wrong Lever…” she said in a crushed tone. Ignoring the Bekk, Kronq faced his superior officer to explain “Sir, I—” but Thra’ssk only held up his fist to silence the Klingon.

The woman moved up towards the door next to Kronq as Thra’ssk crossed his arms seeing her “Becca…I had a feeling you were responsible for this…” he snarled. “Get to your station, the Captain will be here soon” he grimaced to her. Becca, the Orion Bekk walked casually past the towering Gorn, turning to give Kronq a wave, “See you soon!” she whispered, blowing the Klingon a kiss before turning the corner to her station. Thra’ssk pinched the bridge of his sharp nose as he appeared to be summoning every ounce of restraint in his body. “Lesson ONE…Don’t get mixed up with THAT one…” he hissed, pointing his thumb behind him where Becca disappeared too.

Shaking his head, he waved for Kronq to step off the elevator, “Come…I don’t have time for this bullshit, we need to get you set up and prepped for departure. Stick close and pay attention!” he snapped, as Kronq followed closely behind on his heels.

“Sir, what did she mean by wrong lever?” Kronq asked, his curiosity getting the better of him. Thra’ssk didn’t bother to turn around to answer as he continued down the hall to the bridge, “if you had pulled any other lever, you would have released the final emergency break and plummeted to your potential death”

Realizing that could have been what she wanted, only furthered his concern for dealing with the Orion. “She’s crazy!” He announced. Thra’ssk only nodded “Told you…”

Translation Log

Singular Klingon Word Translations come from: https://hol.kag.org/ If you have a better resource for translation, please share and let me know. But I will try to keep this as a reference to any words I may use, as well as ‘intentional’ meanings as they apply.

Klingon Words used in this Post:
ror Ha’DlbaH! = Fat Dog!
=== ror – to be fat, not lean
=== Ha’DlbaH - dog (slang insult)
HuH ghargh! = Slimy worm!
=== HuH - bile, slime, gall
=== ghargh - serpent, snake, worm
meH. = Bridge (of a ship)
’lgh jlH = Curse Me! (Slang/Vulgarity)
=== ’lgh - be cursed (slang), be jinxed (slang)
=== jlH - I, me

OOC|Ask and Ye shall receive! (They know what I’m talking about) Little shorter tonight because I’m more tired than usual, but ill try to keep the momentum up! This is only the first half of what I intended to write, so were close to wrapping up this intro! Any question, comments, or general “WTF’s”, feel free to post them on the ‘comments’ thread! (If you don’t just @ me on Discord, lol)



New Klingons on the Block – Directions

Directed By:
Bridge Deck; I.K.S. Qul Cha’bIp

Thra’ssk was shockingly the most accommodating individual Kronq had encountered thus-far. Despite his size and terrifying visage, The Gorn Tactical Officer, and Second in Command was very straight forward and professional. Though his professionalism was also something to be feared, as the Gorn confirmed he had dishonorably killed their last pilot without hesitation, opening up the position for Kronq to fill. Sadly, he did not elaborate on the circumstances. He wasted no time directing Kronq to the Helmsman Terminal on the bridge, and reviewing the need-to-know information.

“Given the Tactical Significance of piloting this Raptor, you answer directly to me, unless otherwise ordered by Commander V’ecna, or the Captain himself.” He hissed. “Given the narrow firing arcs of both the Forward Torpedo Launcher, and the Wing-Mounted Dual Heavy Cannons you will have firing controls over them. When ordered, you take every available shot you can make, and DON’T miss. Always position the ship in a favorable firing position when orbit, or idling between orders.” He rattled off.

Kronq nodded as Thra’ssk went over more tactical procedures, but he could not help but let his mind wander a bit. ‘What was the captain like?’, ‘Why doesn’t he make that Ssss sound when he speaks?’, he glanced over the Gorn’s shoulder, seeing Becca sitting on top of her terminal, her legs hanging over as she not-so-secretly eavesdropped on their conversation, ‘Why is a Bekk given so much leeway? What’s so special about her? Perhaps she was the Captains Woman…That made since.’

Knowing how far off the deep end he could wander, he snapped back to focusing on Thra’ssk, “You are free to modify your station as you see fit to better perform your functions, but know this. The captain is also a decorated pilot. You drop speed, and he will hear it. You alter course by .002 degrees, and he will feel it. Do NOT think you have free reign to do as you please because of your specialized position.” The Gorn Snarled. “Fail me, and I will discipline you personally…” Thra’ssk stated standing to his full height towering over the sitting Klingon. “But you Fail the captain…” he began to say, “You die…” Becca finished from her perch, with still a sweet and innocent look about her face.

There was a loud ‘CLANG’ that made all three of them jump. Commander V’ecna had made her way to the bridge and was standing on the right side of the Captain’s chair. “Good thing you picked one who’s house ISNT on the council this time…” she smirked to Becca before scanning the bridge. She raised her right hand and snapped her fingers loudly, “yaH! she barked, and everyone quicky found where they belonged. Even Thra’ssk hunched down lower in V’ecna’s presence, which only solidified the authoritarian position between the First and Second officer.

Once everyone was back in their position (Even Becca slipping off back to her station) The First Officer nodded, pressing a button on the Captain’s Chair, “jolpa’ Hlj! . At her command, a transport initiated, as the beams of crimson light ignited before the captains chair, Kronq could not help but to turn and look upon his Captain for the first time. Thra’ssk moved from his console to take the spot to the left of the Captains Chair, as the Commanding Officer materialized before him.

Command Staff

Captain Roh’Khan, Son of None, of the Great House Terrath stood before him for the first time. He stood almost as tall as Kronq; adorned in a long black leather coat with a blackened military bandoliers across his shoulders and biceps. He bore the weight of heavy ornate metal plated shoulder pads that buckled into his coat, and resting on his head was a full facemask with an apparent re-breather attached. Kronq could hear the captains breathing through the device, but could not ascertain what he might have been looking at (probably the point of the mask). Finally he spoke with a heavily synthesized voice, “So you’re the new pilot?

Kronq quickly left his seat, and saluted his new captain with respect, who simply returned his gesture with a simple nod. “I am Kronq, Son of—” he began, but Roh’Khan held up his hand to silence him. “I am aware of who you are. I trust my Crew have given you a warm enough welcome filled with redundant introductions. But until you prove to me you are capable of flying this ship, you are nothing but ‘Pilot’ to me. Serve me well, and I may deem you worthy to acknowledge. Fail to do so; and I’m sure you know what happened to the last person who sat in that chair.” His voice came constant and monotone. Kronq bowed his head and nodded.

“Good, Release docking clamps and disembark the Shipyard. Once clear set course to the Wol System in the Ba’aja Sector. Warp 7.” The Captain did not wait for the Pilot to acknowledge his orders, he simply turned and headed for the other end of the bridge. His hand raised above him and gave a resounding ‘SNAP’ as the Commander did moments before, the volume of his next words were far louder than before, “Hltlhej!

Commander V’ecna, Lt. Thra’ssk, and even Becca darted from their stations to follow the Captain. Kronq stood there confused for a second before he made eye contact with Thra’ssk who pointed at him forcefully, and mouthed/whispered the words ‘NOT YOU, STAY, ORDERS!’ which forced the Pilot back into his seat to follow the commands given. He wanted to be half way to the Ba’aja sector by the time the Captain came back to the bridge.

Captains Office; A Minute Later

Roh’Khan stood behind his desk, his helmet discarded revealing the pale skin and cranial ridges of the Acamarian Captain. He ran his hands over his military style buzz cut hair before reaching on his desk for a goblet of bloodwine. He drank deeply as his senior officers filled the room. V’ecna entered first, taking her seat closest to him, and as Roh’khan finished his drink, he passed the goblet to her to which she drank from just as deeply. Thra’ssk entered the room next. He took his place between the two chairs and folded his arms awaiting word from his captain. That’s when Becca slipped into the room, just under Thra’ssk’s left side, “SO, how’d it go?!” she blurted out.

The Gorn was caught by complete surprise, and flailed his arms outward as he nearly jumped to the side, shocked the woman was so close to him. It was apparent his next move was to literally swipe at her with his outstretched claws, but his inner resolve prevented him from doing so, mearly flexing his fists and muttering ‘fuckingbitch!’ under his breath. As Becca moved to take the other empty seat, he growled at her, “Need to put a bell around your damn neck!” he snapped. Becca turned to the agitated lizard-man and giggled, “Only if you choke me with it first…”

“ENOUGH…” Roh’Khan ordered, causing both green officers to settle themselves. “I have enough on my plate right now, I don’t have time to deal with your unresolved sexual tension.” He said, taking the goblet back from V’ecna and taking another drink. The commander cackled at his words, to which Becca grinned, but Thra’ssk was clearly disgusted. Slamming the goblet down Roh’Khan turned his gaze from the officers, as he contemplated what had just occurred on the planet below.

“So how did the meeting go with Councilman Terrath?” V’ecna asked again. Roh’Khan shook his head, “I did not meet with the Councilman, nor did I meet with his gin’tak. I got seated with his junior adjutant, a fucking glorified Vorta…” Roh’Khan snarled.

“Were being transferred to Task Force Hurq Mevik.” The Captain finally declared. The looks of shock reflected on everyone’s face. “Arnt they out in the fucking boonies?!” Thra’ssk inquired. Becca spoke up, “No, their leader was recently promoted, and the Task Force transferred Starbase tlhIvqu’ of House Woldan.” She explained calmly, the ‘act’ of an innocent child dropped harshly in the reality of her duties. “Let me guess…in the Ba’aja Sector?” V’ecna asked, to which Becca nodded.

“Good…use your contacts, I want to know everything about General Sadia before we reach out destination. I don’t want to walk into my first meeting with her unarmed.” Roh’Khan stated to Becca, who nodded to him. “You two…” he said, turning to V’ecna and Thra’ssk. “Rotating Combat Drills every shift. Boarding Simulations, Communications Black Out, Hazard Response. Hurq Mevik is joining a Federation Fleet around that same region for a friendly bout of ‘Wargames’, like we didn’t just fucking finish fighting one…” He rolled his eyes, “However stupid this may turn out, I will not have our first act within the task force be one of failure.”

“Understood” the two officers echoed.

Roh’Khan sighed deeply, falling back into his chair heavily, and waving his hand to the officers in his room “taH mej” he ordered, to which all three departed swiftly. Once alone, he turned to his personal terminal, typing a few keys before a general military ID appeared on his screen.

Translation Log

Singular Klingon Word Translations come from: https://hol.kag.org/ If you have a better resource for translation, please share and let me know. But I will try to keep this as a reference to any words I may use, as well as ‘intentional’ meanings as they apply.

Klingon Words used in this Post:
yaH! = Duty Station(s)
jolpa’ = Transporter Room
Hlj = Transport(Action), Deliver Goods
Hltlhej! = Come with me!
taH mej = Go away.
==== taH -continue, go on, depart.
==== mej – leave, depart, gone

OOC ALRIGHT! This wraps up my introduction of my Klingon Crew. Just enough to get to know them, but still (hopefully) leaving you wanting for more. There will be a ‘single’ follow up post that I will link later on, explaining what went down on Qo’nos between Roh’Khan and the Council’s Lacky, but that’s later. Hopefully you all have enjoyed this as much as I have writing it! (Taking any suggestions on a new topic [Fed or Klingon] or open to any critiques to make future posts better, just shoot me a PM in Discord!