1 Apr: Moldy Leakage Phenomenon (MU)

Battle Station Argo has sprung a leak! Something is oozing out from between the wall panels on Deck 54. The foul-smelling leakage has brought numerous complaints from officers working in the area, so a work crew has been sent to address and correct the problem.

It is rumored that Admiral Perim will be arriving to personally conduct an inspection of the Battle Fleet’s headquarters this weekend. If such a condition were allowed to linger uncorrected, it would certainly be quite an embarrassment to Captain Konieczko.

Shift Time: gamma+2. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Structured/Free-form-ish!

Starting Point: Starbase turbolift

(Come bring your imaginations! Any prisoners/slaves/low ranking grunts are welcome to come be part of the work crew. Higher ranking characters may want to come “supervise” to win favor with Konieczko and/or Perim. Alternatively, maybe some of your characters are interested in preventing repairs from succeeding, or casting blame on someone else entirely! Maybe somebody is even actually interested in why there’s disgusting moldy goo coming out of the walls.

Depending on interest and attendance, I’ll be doing some light GMing and coordinating the results of anybody’s ulterior motives.

And most of all, remember, you will find out that it is really the delicious snack fit you!)


Just under two hours!

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