Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups

Official Shift Schedule

38th Fleet 'Argo' is an international fleet, with members spread all across the North American continent, as well as Europe. This can make scheduling events a rather painful task, when event hosts and members alike have to deal with timezone conversion and polling constantly about availability. To help alleviate these issues, Argo has an official 'shift' schedule, as inspired by the duty shifts in the Trek series.

4 AM Eastern

8 AM Eastern

12 PM Eastern

4 PM Eastern

8 PM Eastern

11:59 PM Eastern

Quick Discord Tips

DATA can help you figure out what time it is. Just try typing !argotime.
He also can help with specific shifts, e.g. !alpha !gamma etc.

You can also let other people know what your general shift availability is by selecting specific discord roles. Please see the #roles channel for this!

Weekly Meetups

38th Fleet 'Argo' has multiple weekly meetups where you can generally count on people to show up for RP, whether that's an event that's been reserved for the slot or just casual/social RP somewhere.

The Friday Meetup time is at 8pm Eastern time, or GAMMA shift.
The Saturday Meetup time is at 4pm Eastern time, or BETA shift.
The Sunday Meetup time is at 4pm Eastern time, or BETA shift.

These meetups are by no means the only times when events might happen! They have just been selected/isolated as times that more members might be able to attend. If you are planning an event and don't like any of these times, please schedule to your own audience! (This tool can help.)


Timezone Conversation Assistance:

CET - Central European Time, BT - British Time
ET - Eastern Time, CT - Central Time, MT - Mountain Time, PT - Pacific Time.

CET - 10 AM (1000)*
BT - 9 AM (0900)*
ET - 4 AM (0400)
CT - 3 AM (0300)
MT - 2 AM (0200)
PT - 1 AM (0100)

CET - 2 PM (1400)*
BT - 1 PM (1300)*
ET - 8 AM (0800)
CT - 7 AM (0700)
MT - 6 AM (0600)
PT - 5 AM (0500)

CET - 6 PM (1800)*
BT - 5 PM (1700)*
ET - 12 PM (1200)
CT - 11 AM (1100)
MT - 10 AM (1000)
PT - 9 AM (0900)

CET - 10 PM (2200)*
BT - 9 PM (2100)*
ET - 4 PM (1600)
CT - 3 PM (1500)
MT - 2 PM (1400)
PT - 1 PM (1300)

CET - 2 AM (0200)* (the next day)
BT - 1 AM (0100)* (the next day)
ET - 8 PM (2000)
CT - 7 PM (1900)
MT - 6 PM (1800)
PT - 5 PM (1700)

CET - 6 AM (0600)* (the next day)
BT - 5 AM (0500)* (the next day)
ET - 12 AM (0000) (the next day)
CT - 11 PM (2300)
MT - 10 PM (2200)
PT - 9 PM (2100)

*ARGO adjusts time with the United States Daylight Savings Time plan, which is a few weeks different than the Europe/United Kingdom plan. During those periods of time in, November and March, there will be a one hour variance in accuracy for these conversions.

Standard, Daylight and Summer designations (EST, EDT and BST) are not annotated on this chart as the shown times shift to match local current daylight adjustments during those seasons. This tool might help during these adjustment times.


Want to run your own events?

You're more than welcome to! Here are some steps/questions for you to consider. Please feel free to ask any admin for help with any of these steps!

1. Does the fleet membership (and staff) OOCly know that you're interested in running something?

So do you feel like sometimes you've just RPed an amazing prompt or call to action out in game, but no one is reacting to it who wasn't directly involved with the RP? This is the reason why the forums are so important, because it helps people who were not directly actually witnessing your RP to know that it's happening and maybe look for ways to be a part of it, if that was something you are open to. Whether that's writing an IC post that's addressed to IC fleet leadership or just a recent report or even a rumor, leaving footprints of your RP is really important if you want other people to get involved.

Whatever method you choose, try to make it obvious that it's open to others to interact with, if it is. Otherwise other players are probably going to take the safe road and assume you don't want anyone tampering with it and that you're just posting it to read.

2. Do you have specific time or people attendance restraints?

We have a few designated times where Argo players expect RP to happen (and in some cases, players may clear/schedule their RLs to suit), but these are by no means the ONLY times that you can do events. The important part is to pick a time that is best for YOU as an event GM and if you have additional attendance requirements, work with those people directly to find a time/day that will suit all of you.

That said, if you are interested in running an open event that anyone in fleet can join and there is an empty meetup that you'd like to schedule on, grab an admin and reserve it! We will help you broadcast/propagate the event information through all our official channels and get you as much exposure as possible, so you get more attendance.

For those of you who are trying to schedule events with a certain group of people, this is an incredibly useful website that can make it a lot easier: