10th Nov | Is there a Doctor onboard?

Commander Roptojmey has been busy setting up a Triage Unit on a remote site not too far away from Talos Junction Outpost. With the massive amounts of injured and refugees pouring in, its all hands on deck to Triage, Treat, and Process incoming patients and make room for new ones!

Shift Time: Beta+2 (5pm CST)
See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: SEMI-OPEN
Primarily for Fed Medical Officers, but you too can be Tom Parris’d into the Frey!

Event Type: Structured / Gameplay

Starting Point: Kobali Prime! Starting the Event off with the Repeatable Daily Quest: Mission: a Decision to Make to get us in the mood, then moving to a more structured GM’d Event to treat the Injured.

See [SUBJ: Call for Medical Assistance | From: CMDR Roptojmey] for more details on event!