SUBJ: Call for Medical Assistance | From: CMDR Roptojmey

To: 38th.Command
CC: @DS13.Medical
From: CMDR Roptojmey
Subj: Medical Assistance Requested

Captains, Commanders, Admirals!
Hell I’ll take a Cadet at this point…

Casualties are coming in faster than we can patch them up. EMH Program has been duplicated so many times to try and keep up with intake its starting to corrupt! (Caught one of the damn photons trying to administer a rectal thermometer to a Viggo Combat Vet! That was NOT a pretty sight!) Anyway, I need medical officers, REAL medical officers to help us process wounded and get them stable for transport off world. Doctors, Nurses, Medical Students, Preppy Helmsmen who can hold a Hypo, I don’t care! Security is concerned that the more backed up we get down here, the more security risk we will pose.

Commander Roptojmey
Chief Medical Officer
USS Alexander

//ATTACHMENT// Triage_Event.ext

Event Details (OOC)

This event is designed to be a little Medical Pressure Drama. We will start at Kobali Prime and play the open Mission: A Decision to Make together, which has players try and stabilize and diagnose Refugees.

Following this we will go into a basic Structured RP (Which can continue in game, or be brought over to Discord) where Doctors will have to use a “Dice” roll system, along with a little RP medical-babble to try and treat patients as quickly as they can and move onto the next one.

Patient Stabilization Mechanic:

(I made this up on the fly, so don’t shoot me with your medical chainsaws)

Each Player will be assigned a Patient, who’s condition is determined by a pre-made dice roll (Minor, Major, or Critical). The severity of their condition will also be pre-determined but not revealed to the doctor. Through evaluation, and feedback, you will determine the best course of action. To treat a patient, you must roll a 1d6 and declare High or Low, this number will add or subtract the patients severity level, with your ultimate goal to ‘Stabilize’ the patient. Some patients this will be easier than others.

In addition, you will also be combatting a hidden ‘fatigue’ level. Every dice roll you make, will add that number to your fatigue. When you hit 100 fatigue points, you will be overwhelmed and out of commission. How many can you save before you drop?! Come find out who is the MVP (Most Valuable Physician)