Nov 3rd: Ground Invasion Simulation (Starfleet)

Commander Stern, with authorization from Admiral Bishop, will be testing the newly upgraded Colony Defense Grid in a simulated Ground Invasion. All staging 38th Personnel to join in and help test the effectiveness by repelling a ground force invasion.

((Will Attempt to run Mission: Dranuur Beach Assault with all participating fleet members.))

Shift Time: Delta (11pm CST)
See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: OPEN (Starfleet Faction Only)

Event Type: Social / Gameplay

Starting Point: Fleet Colony Base for Team Invites

Going to be running a TFO on ‘Advanced’ Don’t worry about the difficulty, or if we -beat- the mission or not, the goal is to test our effectiveness, and if we have anything lacking, opens up more RP opportunity to modify (and gives our Off Screen objectives something to focus on)

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