28 Aug: Kickbacks

Task Force Dove has received another ‘assignment’ on behalf of Delegate Jurij of the Ralin: another simple cargo run. A dozen crates of food are slated to be delivered to a contact on Kacam. Surely THIS time our heroes will get the chance to meet with someone of actual political standing, right? Right?

Shift Time: beta. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: CLOSED @TF.Dove

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Discord

(I’m not classified, you’re classified!)

I’m going to be running this mission over discord, partially as an experiment. We’ll be treating it otherwise as a synchronous event, just as if we were in-game, so hopefully the platform won’t increase the expected runtime.

Event log: https://argo.ex-astris.net/t/kickbacks-tf-dove/1509/5


Federation stimulus bucks?

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