Task Force Dove: Ralin Update

To: @TF.Dove
From: LT Aev
Subj: Ralin Update


I received an audio message from Martin Kori, the representative of Delegate Jurij we met on Ralin several weeks ago. I’ve included it below:

I’ve confirmed that the delegate is on a committee, but the translation program is having trouble with the specifics. I’ll update you all when I make progress there. It’s my recommendation we proceed with the mission. I’ve attached the details.

Lieutenant Aev
Intelligence Officer,
R.R.W. D’Ishae

//ATTACHMENT// Message from Ralin

OOC The actual mission details will be covered during the TF Dove event on 28 August. This is helping bridge the gap between events and a few other things that’ll be more clear later. :slight_smile: