25th July | Sands of Time

The mummified entities first encountered on Drauth III rear their heads again, and MACO Team 9 is deployed to stop them.

Shift Time: Beta. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: CLOSED

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Nimbus Ground


This is a MACO Team 9 event. A full briefing will be posted below and a subsequent Discord RP will take place which will end before the event takes place. Whilst the discord RP is optional, it will seek to give an overview of what the event will be like as well as foster some social RP. Participants will be asked to reply in a timely manner.

A hidden mechanic that was utilised last time which will make a return is that the discord RP may give bonuses and boons to those who participate, and if the RP progresses far enough, which may seek to aid the in game RP.


An archaeological dig unearthed strange mummified entities that have somehow begun to spread over the nearby sectors. An unmanned probe tracked down a shuttle landing on a colony in the Ba’aja Sector. As these entities pose a considerable threat, MACO Team 9 will be deployed to find out more information, and take down the mummies.

Be warned that conventional weaponry has little effect on these creatures, so you will be armed with experimental high powered weapons and ballistic weaponry. The creatures also carry a deadly fungal pathogen.

Good Luck.