The Newton Arc l Part 2: The Search

The Search for the Origin of the projectile that hit Deep Space 13 is underway as the Pegasus continues the search after finding nothing for 3 days… Until they drop out of warp and find a familiar face going through some wreckage…

Shift Time: Gamma (See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.)

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Sector Space for Bridge invites to the Pegasus

This is the second episode of a 4 episode Arc that has now arrived at the second episode The Search. This event and the following 2 episodes after it have combat in them. Along with many open player options on how you all go about it… Following this event it is hoped that the Pegasus is there for the next 2 episodes in this arc for continuity, if that is not possible then someone will be made to account for this.
Also there is a surprise early on in this Episode The Search that will not be revealed until the event starts. However, to be fair there some of you who may have a good idea as to what this surprise is…
Also I have made sure you lot will not be able to blitz through this event like the last one… Since there is combat and you all have to slow down your posting speed a bit so I as the GM can post important information in fleet chat.
Also it is possilbe for this event to overrun to 4 hours so be prepared incase that does happen.