Aug 29-Sept 3: Aerospace Race

Pilots and of the 38th Fleet and associated allies are invited to join the USS Sun Tzu as it hosts an [Aerospace Race] for Helmsmen and Shuttle Pilots to test their skills, and see how they rank among their peers. A suitable ‘raceway’ has been set up in the neighboring Zibal System of the Aldebaran Sector. Participants will be awarded up to 5 Runs through the Course to attempt for the fastest time possible. This is a good chance for new and seasoned pilots to come sharpen their skills at the helm!

Shift Schedule: Open to All Shifts (Aug 29th – Sept 3rd)

-----------------------See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: SEMI-OPEN

Event Type: Social / Gameplay

Starting Point: Discord RP Room (Open on the 29th)

OOC This event will be split between a Social In-Discord “RP” Room, and Solo In-Game Mission Gameplay, which would be reflected in the RP. The ‘In- game’ Portion, will be participating in the In-Game Delta Quadrant [Mission: Hodos System Patrol] . This is a Shuttle-Only Mission which has the player fly through a marked asteroid course, and at the end gives the timed-results before being attacked by a Kazon shuttlecraft. You can “Dismiss” the Hailing Prompts following your race results, leave the system and re-start the mission to repeat the race as many times as you like. (Or complete the mission, which will set it on a 30min cool down timer before re-starting)

((NOTE: This system patrol mission unlocks through the non-repeatable wrapper mission “Know Your Enemies” of The Delta Quadrant story arc [8th mission in], after which the patrol becomes individually repeatable every 30 minutes.))

To participate, simply make your ‘Run’ in-game, and screenshot your results. You can then post the Screen Shot (Or snippet) of your results in the Discord Chat-Room, followed by an In-Character description of your ‘run’ if you like (not necessary). Participants are also welcome to socialize with each other, and remark on runs through the course of the event. The Discord Room Chat-Log (With all associated photos) will be taken and imported into Discourse Forum into a more readable and formatted post after the event wraps up. AAR’s are also suggested, but optional (Great for New Recruits!)

There is no limitation on what kind of shuttlecraft you wish to use as long as it falls within acceptable faction limits, the generalized principle is not so much who has the best-fastest teched out ship, but more who can control their craft amidst the many twists and turns the course offers. (Though there are a few straight always to boast speed on) Other Starships are welcome to -join- IC carrying their own shuttlecraft if they wish as well, but the general gathering social platform will be on the hosted Ship.