Eye of Mine II

Continuing exploratory and survey efforts of the Star System: 7956 Zhen Xiu

Shift Time:Alpha, with some flexibility. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Free-form

Starting Point: To be decided based on attendees.

This is an open ended event, I’ve got a fair bit scattered around this system, and it’s only got the vaguest of details so far, you could follow on from the last event in this chain, or decide to explore somewhere else entirely!
Open to all, be you a ship crew, multiple ships, crew from the Starbase exploring in Runabouts or any combination of above (though please try keep together, no splitting the party!)

So I was hoping I could be flexible with this, but due to my schedule now being as flexible as a dried out elastic band that’s been left in the bottom of a drawer for two decades, I’m going to have to take this forward to one of the only times that now works for me (and Sam!) - Sunday the 16th January at Alpha.

I can try run a secondary/supplemental event at Beta with the same open ended framework if that works better for some people. Space is big, and there’s plenty to do in it :smiley:

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