Decommissioning Ceremony of the USS Ajilon

Audience: OPEN

The commissioning of a new ship to the Fleet has always been a time-honored tradition, bringing it too life with it’s first crew, embarking on the start of a long journey.

But all journeys also come to a close. We mark the end of a life of a ship with an equally important and time-honored tradition, the decommissioning. It is where we honor the ship’s long life and give remembrance to all it’s achievements and those who have gone before.

We will be having such a ceremony as we decommission the venerable USS Ajilon.

Dress uniforms not required but highly encouraged.

Shift Time: Beta.
See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Event Type: Social / Structured

Starting Point: The Ceremony will take place in the conference room in the fleet research station, place, thingy. Once the ceremony is complete, participents are free to enjoy the free food and drink.

This will be the first event I’ve ran in a long while, so please forgive me. It’s a pretty straight forward formal social event thingy.