29 Mar: Art of Investigation II

Art has been stolen! DS13’s Security, Operations, and Engineering departments each have a role to play in the investigation. On duty officers from each department have been instructed to get started.

An Engineering team has made some progress on the investigation, bringing the crew one step closer to solving the mystery.

Shift Time: gamma. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: SEMI-OPEN

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Starbase Conference Room

(Open to anyone from @DS13.Security @DS13.Operations @DS13.Engineering who wants to participate. The exact nature of the event will be tailored to whoever shows up.

Please be sure to read Lauren’s orders here: (Likely) Theft of Art Auction and in the interest of expediency you may assume that your character has been forwarded a copy of that message by their department head.

we are hoping to work through this investigation fairly quickly, so this event will be repeated as needed until the crime is solved! If you can’t make this one but still want to be part of it, be on the lookout for updates or poke @Katriel or @kermit for a hook.)


More investigating tomorrow! I’ve set up the event for gamma again, but I should be available earlier in the day as well. If you’re around and looking for an in, especially @DS13.Operations and @DS13.Security, poke me on discord!

Be sure to check this post for updates on what’s been found by other teams!