23rd April | The Shinari Conundrum

After first contact with the Shinari people led Task Force Peacecraft to a second contact mission to their home system, Shinarechi, the time has come for a third contact. Task Force Peacecraft have to go back to Shinarechi, supply aid, open new diplomatic negotiations with the Shinari Restoration Council, and collect all viable intelligence to better understand what is really going one.

Shift Time: Beta +1. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: SEMI-OPEN

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: USS Peacecraft Bridge

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((I should know by mid-next-week if I’ll definitely be available, but I don’t see any problems.))

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It says Beta +2 in the text, but then beta in the calendar thing. The latter is earlier than I will be getting off work. Even if like today, where I get let out of work an hour early on account of potential riots, I don’t expect that happening again next week, and I’d still be around a half hour late. I may be able to show up late if there’s a role for that, if the calendar is correct?

I edited the event. It’s Beta +1 (which should be around 11 pm here, please confirm).

That would be the exact moment I start logging out of work downtown here, and then have to drive home. So maybe if late arrivals aren’t a problem. This one may not work out for me.

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Nope, late arrivals are not an issue. I can always invent a good reason for your character to stay ‘hidden’ until you actually show up.

Ok, I’ll stay a maybe for that, but outlook is not great. :slight_smile:

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I want to come, but id be an hour to two hours late…

Maybe we should delay until a day when more people are available…?

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Date changed to the 23rd due to players’ availability