13 Jan: Eraton

In the wake of the Terran invasion the Federation’s neighbor and occasional nemesis, the Confederacy of Azed, has been left in a state of chaos. The Starfleet ships and ground units which helped liberate the Azedi homeworlds from the Terrans have withdrawn outside declared Azedi borders, in accordance with previous treaty requirements. Despite this, the stabilization of the region remains a top priority.

Attempts to contact the Azedi through previously established channels have failed – not unexpected given the collapse of their centralized government, though it may be noteworthy that none of the individual planetary governments have yet moved to reestablish those channels. The Federation Diplomatic Corps and a Starfleet Task Force are now prepared to authorize a mission to attempt to contact Commandant Eraton, the leader of the Viggo. A previous interaction with the Commandant was documented at the start of the Terran invasion, here: AAR: Azedi Diplomacy.

If contact is made successfully, the team should attempt to secure an agreement for ongoing access to Confederacy space for the purpose of launching aid missions. The Federation’s primary concern, besides the potential for averting a humanitarian crisis, is in obtaining peaceful and stable relations and preventing the situation from deteriorating into hostilities that could threaten nearby sectors. At an absolute bare minimum, the team should be sure to establish a line of communications for future diplomatic contact. In the event that Eraton is not willing or able to speak for the entire Confederacy, the same goals may be applied to the Viggo independently.

Though the primary aim of this mission is diplomatic in nature, any intelligence that can be gleaned will be of great value.

Shift Time: gamma. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience:  OPEN  Note: all characters will be aboard a single ship during the event. However, additional captains may still attend and it will simply be assumed that their ships are nearby but holding position outside sensor range to avoid the appearance of bringing an armada to a peace talk.

Event Type: Structured - This is primarily a sit & talk event, but bridge stations will be accessible for anyone who wants to do some investigating on the side. Characters who just wanna snoop around and not be involved in the actual talks are welcome too! Please feel free to take the initiative and get creative.

Starting Point: Sector space for bridge invites.

Apologies for the long delay on getting this started! Please be sure to read the current status report in addition to the brief above so you have an understanding of the situation!